Use Timber Boxes in Packaging Your Products and Feel the Difference

With globalization comes also the rapid industrial boom that is a boon to the all of us global citizens. With improved and fast transportation facilities, infrastructure improvement, enhanced communications, businesses are being done worldwide. Timber is available in many shades, levels and qualities, and timber can also be recycled very easily. You can buy or rent timber-packaging boxes depending on the weight of the material that is to be shipped.  However, packaging should be done with the best material and what can be better than timber boxes. These boxes are very hard and durable and they are the best choices to store your goods in a secure and damage free conditions on the transit way.
 Timber Boxes

Timber Boxes

Benefits of using timber box in packaging

If you are shipping products that are very much fragile or breakable then timber boxes are the best. Timber crates with proper bracing will not only help to secure your products from any probable damages in the transit, but also it will reduce your costs in packaging. Moreover, these timber boxes are not for use and throw purposes. We can use these woods later on any industrial jobs, if required. Another factor of advantage of using these boxes is that they are corrosion resistant and termite proof.

What are the benefits of using timber packaging boxes?

  • Timber boxes can withstand any climatic conditions. These timber boxes also can be stacked one upon the other thus utilizing more of the container capacity and thus enabling much lower costs in shipment.
  • These boxes are very much recyclable and thus they are very much eco-friendly. Unlike plastic or other synthetic materials, these timber boxes have less handling hazards thus making it a packager’s delight.
  • Carbon that is a dangerous element is present in more than half the proportion in the dry timber and the trees for their food and growth use this carbon removed as CO2 in the atmosphere. Thus, we see that it has positive side effects in the biosphere.
  • Also, the efficiency can be increased multi-fold with various designs of the timber crates that with their added features can ease in loading/unloading jobs. The easiest way is to consult with the packaging dealers so that you can rent or buy wood or timber packaging containers, and you can customize the deals accordingly, depending on the number of goods that you want to store or transport.
  • Wooden boxes are used for primary, secondary, and tertiary level of transportation covering all items starting from industrial goods to consumer goods to high fashion goods owing to its moisture proof and long-lasting quality. Most timber boxes have good ventilation properties; thus, they are the best-suited for storing and transporting edible materials, or raw fruits.

Timber Boxes
Timber Boxes

What will it cost?

The cost factor depends on the types of products you are dealing with and the types of timber you are using. If the product is high fragile then the design of the boxes should be such so that it can absorb even the minute vibrations. The quality of wood should be good. If it is a custom-built box then the price will vary according to the customers’ requirements. For durable products, you can use any type of timber and the design is common. So, the cost will come down.

Thus, we see the multifaceted benefits of using timber box in packaging. Nearly all packers are providing this type of boxes. You just have to choose the best timber boxes among the many. Now there are multiple companies which give timber-packaging boxes on rent, or else you can buy from them. It is better to compare the services of two or more companies, and then choose one according to the benefits and price range. 
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