Interlocking Concrete Paving Pattern for Ultimate DIY Home Designing

Pavers are one of the most common materials when you think of constructing pathways, sideways, patio, garden area, pool side, driveway, etc. where pavers are most essentially required. One of the most preferred and appreciated paving patterns, which is now high in fashion, is the interlocking concrete pavers. It comes with many advantages, and which is why it is considered to be one of the most efficient, stylish, cost effective and durable styles of pavers in the market. 

Advantages at a Glance

  • Extensive range of color shades available.
  • Offers great creative and innovative designing scope.
  • Mostly, you can expect a durability of over 50 years.
  • It is considered to be 3 times stronger than poured concrete.
  • It offers extensive resistance against cracking.
  • It is simple and easy to install as well.

Range of Shapes and Colors

Nowadays you can get a wide range of concrete paver colors and shapes. While some prefer rectangular, others may opt for octagonal shapes. Shapes play a vital role in the creative input of the paver based walk ways. Moreover, when selecting colors, you can try out a mono coloured walkway, or let your creative wing take a flight as you blend and contrast two or more multi color pavers to be contrasted and designed in patterns. 

Design Liberty 

When it comes to designing, interlocking concrete pavers are able to offer absolute aesthetic appeal to any landscape, gardens, walkways, pavements, pool sides or even patio wherever they are installed. Moreover, since these pavers are easily available in a variety of light and intense shades, you can take advantage of playing with the colors to create interesting visual patterns. It is undoubtedly a great option for the beautification of any type of landscape.

Tensile Strength 

When compared to poured concrete or black asphalt surfaces, these interlocking concrete pavers undoubtedly offer better and more commendable strength. These are actually meant to be manufactured with inbuilt tight and compact dimensional tolerance. This enables the pavers better resistance to cracking. Moreover, these are able to offer a little amount of movement to help avoid cracking. Besides, segmental paving is also exceptionally known to offer contraction and expansion thereby avoiding surface cracks. 

  • This type of paver offers extensive stability even under pressure of extreme loads.
  • Thermal resistance offers guard against extreme heat as well as frost.
  • High-end density offers an optimum quality of strength and durability.  

Maintenance Benefits 

  • Interlocking joint sections can be sealed effectively to avoid the growth of weeds or insects.
  • Stained or even broken pavers can be easily replaced.
  • If you are installing pavers to an area which is prone to staining, try using a dark shade of pavers to avoid the prominence of stains.
  • Regular maintenance can be done with normal sweeping and occasional rinsing with cleansers.
  • Repairing broken pavers is easy and able to be completed without any marks of joining broken part. 

Installing these pavers goes with modern DIY home designing trends as well. Moreover, these types of pavers are not expensive at all compared to natural stone paving. Also, owing to the high-end durability, resistance against heat and cold, these are considered to be a long time and one-time investment. It is highly cost effective when it comes to budget designing of house or patio, garden etc walkways. You can count on these pavers even if you tend to put extreme pressure of load on these surfaces. To avoid heating up of pavers even to some extent, try using light colored pavers instead of deep ones.
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