Tips for Landscaping a Church or a Religious Space

Churches and other places of worship have turned out to be the foundation of the local neighborhood. They offer a place to the residents of the area to gather peacefully and thereby build community. However, it is important to maintain the landscape of such religious places to make people come back from time to time. Here are some tips for landscaping a church or a religious space. 

#1. Use Some Native Plants

Church Landscaping
If you use some shrubberies, flowers, and tree which are native in an area and also it is a harder idea to have. Actually, it needs less maintenance than the various other exotic plants. 

#2. Plant Some Trees 

You can plant some trees close to the building which will provide shade to nearby areas and also will help in saving money on energy bills. In cities, the trees also help in mitigating the heat effect during summer time. Tree shade areas are much cooler than the paved areas, therefore, it is a great inclusion in the landscape design. 

#3. Add Green Islands 

One of the simplest things to perk up the landscape of a religious place is to break up the large parking spaces with small islands of green plants. This will not only look appealing but will also lower the temperature of the pavement during summer. 

#4. Opt for Lighter Pavement 

When you build or resurface a parking space, make sure to select a light-colored pavement material if the church is situated in an area which experiences warm climate. During hot summer days, hot asphalt surfaces tend to absorb heat and increase the temperature of the parking lot Thereafter surfaces take the time to cool dow. Warm temperature around the sun increases the demand for air conditioning.

However, if the religious place is located in a region experiencing cold climate then darker pavement surface will prove to be beneficial. Darker pavement will warm up easily and will thus, melt down snow and ice. 

#5. Limit the Number of Plant Species 

If you minimize the number of plant species in the landscape, you can make it look neat and clean. In fact, it also becomes easier to maintain them. However, you should not be too dogmatic in restricting your choice. 

#6. Add a Seating Area 

A patio can be installed at the edge of the landscape for landscaping the church. The people who visit the religious space can sit on the patio and talk to each other and you can use concrete, stones, or pavers to build this patio near tall flowers or trees that will give the area some privacy. 

#7. Leave Clippings 

Mow lawns areas with the help of mower height that is set to three inches. Grass of this length can absorb the water well and eliminate the wastage of water. Make sure that the mower is run without a grass bagger. Clippings can be added to get the required nutrients and also to get rid of the disposal issues. 

#8. Use Mulch 

Mulching around the plant beds and the trees help in holding moisture. Mulching also decreases the growth of weed, therefore, you don’t need to put harsh chemicals on to it.

However, for all this, you need to hire a professional. Some of the benefits of hiring a professional for church landscaping have been given below. 
  • They will help in handling the maintenance of the property. This will improve its aesthetic and the property value.
  • A professional landscape company will increase the privacy and the security of the property.
  • Some of the religious spaces are maintained by the amateur tree crews and volunteers and hiring a professional will lower down the cost of maintenance. 
Churches and other religious spaces need to have the tranquil and beautiful landscape to match the peacefulness and beauty of the visitors.
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