5 Best tips for spotting a good watch at a sale

Who doesn’t love a good wristwatch? It’s a prized possession and is often handed down generations as a family heirloom to the oldest son of the generation. But not many people have the good fortune to possess a great watch just because they cannot afford it. However, do not be discouraged at all. There are watch sales that take place all the time and if you keep your eyes and ears open, you’ll definitely get good worth for your hard-earned money. I’ve put together 5 crucial things to check during a watch sale to ensure you get the best, so do read on. It will save you quite a bit of money.


 1.  Price: This is the obvious primary indicator, but it is often quite misleading, especially if you’re looking at a well-made forgery. Look out for indicators of the price on the watch itself, for example, it should feel relatively heavy and have a feeling of sturdiness about it, that’s what a great watch will feel like. Visit any authorized dealer and corroborate this fact yourself if you’re not sure. Also there will be additional features like the material, the coloring as well as the color which will give away a counterfeit watch. 

2.  Comparison: The internet serves as a good source to compare images of the real deal with the one in your hand at the sale, which could or could not authentic. Swiss watches for example, have the highest standards for watches and if you find a watch that says “Swiss made” on it, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you have the real stuff. Though it is hard to get a Swiss watch at a sale, you never know if a rich person has need of quick cash and has pawned his watch. 

 3. The engravings on the watch: Let us put it this way, you need an eye to spot the perfectionist engraving on an authentic watch. If you carry a magnifying glass along with you to the sale, not only will it put the seller off his feet, but also give you leeway to examine the engravings closely. The magnifying glass will reveal the perfect etching and there will be no traces of sandiness unfinished edges. The logo will have to be positioned at the centre of the watch; otherwise it’s a dead giveaway.

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 4.  Spelling Errors: It is amazing that with the increase of counterfeit watches, someone would have taken the trouble of getting the names right. But keep in mind that the counterfeiters themselves are not quite educated, otherwise they wouldn’t be counterfeiting. A large number of fake watches, which in other respects look identical to the real ones have failed when it comes to the spelling. Check the official website of the watch company if you are not sure yourself, and I recommend this because a majority of makers are not English and their spellings differ. 

5. Efficiency as well as authenticity: Many a watch will come with a certificate of the previous owner stating its genuineness. Pay attention to this as this is your proof that the watch you hold in your hands is the real deal. Also the best watches function almost noiselessly, the second hand moving about nine times per second, so as to make any “tick-tocks” almost inaudible. Also the other functions of the watch like its helium release valves, sub dials, chronograph and the time zones have to be inch perfect.

So there you go, armed with these, you stand more than a fair chance of bagging the watch you want without getting ripped off in the process.
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