Uniqueness of Corten Cladding

A group of alloys of steel which have been developed to eliminate the requirement for painting and form an appearance which is rust-like after being exposed to the weather for a certain period of time is Corten Steel or weathering steel. This is used in many architectural designs for residential and industrial purposes. This type of cladding is able to exhibit resistance to a higher level to the corrosion from the atmosphere as compared to other steels. This is due to the fact that the steel in this is able to form a layer of protection on the surface, when exposed to weather.
  • The Different Applications of Corten cladding

The Corten cladding works out a convenient choice for multiple applications like roofing, bridges and also buildings of an open frame. This work is ideal for these applications as weathering steel is considered of a high strength with low maintenance required, and also works out cost-effective. It is known that bridges which have been built with this have been able to last for almost 120 years without the requirement of maintenance. Regular inspections, besides cleaning is the only maintenance required. Builders opt for this, also because it does not require any painting and health issues related to paint can be avoided. There are many people using this weathering steel for garden beds, giving it a unique look.
  • Corten Cladding a Favored Choice

This Corten cladding is sought after many for different architectural designs and also for feature facades in the exteriors. This is due to the appearance which is rustic and warm. When this cladding gets rusted it tends to develop a rich surface of a deep brown-red oxide due to the alloys. A dense layer develops on the surfaces which are exposed due to these alloys which is a protection for the underlying surface of metal, preventing this from corrosion. With the influence of weather on this cladding the layer regenerates in a continuous manner and delivers benefits to the cladding which are
  1. These panels do not require any sort of maintenance
  2. These do not require any treatment before installation.
You can say the aesthetics with the Corten cladding are considered as timeless,

  • Attractive and Appealing

Corten cladding gives attractive appearances to any structure. The structures which are built with this cladding tend to take a color of rust which is appealing. With the passing of time, you find that the rust has further deepened with the exposure. You can say that this cladding is appreciated by many in the artistic and designer circles. Adding to the benefits of Corten cladding, you need to be aware that this can be easy to bend and curve, making it apt for ornamental designs. Besides, this is also light in weight.  You can use this safely for contemporary architecture as this can be designed in multiple ways, be it rural or urban. This is also used in industrial projects those looking for distinctive facades and features in their projects.
  • The Apt Designers

Look for the right designer who have enough and more knowledge of the Corten cladding and can offer you a wide range of designs to choose from. Experience does make a difference. Cladding has a total unique look and tends to change color when exposed to the environment. You can think of fences, balustrades, screens and many more applications even for the interiors of your home.

Searching online is a convenient option as you have multiple designers of this listed here. All you need to do is compare the different designers and make your choice in accordance with your requirement.  
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