Factors to consider when you plan for home extensions

With time our homes become imperative to change because the trends and lifestyle changes and we start looking for more space and comfort in our loves. There is a need to renovate the home after some years; you may need to extend your home because the kids may have grown up and might want their own space. Hence, renovations and home extensions are a very common thing.

There are lot important factors you need to consider while you are in the process of extending your home and if planned properly this can lead to lot of savings on the house extensions and also save you time. These can be enumerated as follows –
  • Curves and corners are very costly to build as it takes a lot of time to mold the designs according to one’s tastes and preferences. A rectangular shape or a square pitch chapel is usually opted for when the owned wants to save some money on the construction. Standard doors and windows are also great for quick work processing’s and saving initial capital.
  • Any material when purchased immediately from the shelf will be less expensive than the custom made materials. Also, ready made materials and furniture can be immediately arranged. When it comes to the sub floors it is recommended to stick to the concrete, and a concrete block will also work for the walls instead of spending too much time and money on ordering these or customizing these.  Roof lights can be tried instead of dormer windows and interlocking concrete tiles can be tried for covering the roofs.
  • Avoid complicated groundwork’s too. These involve building near trees, drains sewers, buried services. These increase the costs exponentially and again at the same time if you happen to live in a period property or a character property your choices will be very limited.
  • DIY projects for house extensions are available in the market. All that you need to do is to get all the available equipment and start working away following the instructions. The benefits of DIY projects is that labor costs are saved in a great way and also the project is streamlined according to your requirements and time frame. You need to be careful to take on the work that you have confidence to complete in the planned time frame. Bricklaying and plastering works for example need skills and cannot be done by amateurs. For these things it is best to take help from the professionals because you save time and also lot of errors.
  • You also have the option to take up the role of the building contractor yourself instead of hiring someone else to do the job. This means that when you project manage the house extension and look for time lines, you also have to liaison with the local body building authority and keep in mind that the house extensions are within the permissible limits. You will also be in charge of hiring the right man to the right job, micro and macro managing the work details, procurement of materials, scaffolding work, skips and so on and so forth. However, if you are successful in pulling this off, then you will have saved yourself a lot of money.

House extension is the most practical thing that you need to do because moving out to a new home and area when you face problem due to less space will definitely costs more capital investment and time. In this scenario it would be good to just invest some money in extending your home and invest some amount of capital in that direction. You can simply follow the instructions above and start with your home extensions project.
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