All you need to know about folding arm awnings

Folding arm awnings are also known as the retractable awnings. These are used to add charm to the place and provide an indoor from the harsh environment. It is perfect for relaxing in the day and the evenings. This is an extension to the shaded space and this can be used on the balconies, patios, terrace homes, swimming pools, cafes as well as restaurants.

Some of the many reasons for a great demand for folding arm awnings are mentioned below:

a) It helps to extend the boundary by creating a shaded space for the commercial establishment or home and this can be attained without the obstructions from beams or posts.
b) The restaurants and retail establishments use folding arm awnings as an advertisement. These awnings have the company name, logo or graphics or even phone numbers displayed on it. This further helps to enhance their business.
c) The folding arm awnings help with controlling the climate and provide shelter to the occupants from inclement weather as well as from harmful UV rays.
d) As these come in a variety of colors, stripes and patterns, you can easily create the kind of mood that you want. It reflects the style and taste of the establishment or the individual.
e) Folding arm awnings are easy to use. There is a crank handle which is available or a motorized solution is also possible. These can even be controlled with a remote control.
f) The awnings come equipped with timers and sensors for wind, rain and the sun.
g) When looking for awnings, there are a lot of benefits and the room can be expanded and the occupants need not be bothered with heavy rain or direct sunlight.
h) Awnings reduce 77% warmth transferred to the home and thus help to reduce electricity bills else for maintaining the temperature, the air conditioning needs to work more.
i) These help to raise the visual appeal and also the market value of the home.   This is especially important when one wants to sell the house.

There are different kinds of awnings available in the market. There is the retractable arm awning which is available in different colors, stripes or plains. It is perfect for entertaining. There are recommended widths of both 6 meters wide and 3-meter arm projection or 5 meters wide and 3.5 meters with two arm projections. There are the 9-meter-wide and 3 meter projections which are usually supported by 3 folding arms. However, for larger sizes, more joints and more arms can be added. Assembly is possible with spiral box and flat hood and with the gear outside, inside or either at the left or right with a motor.
  • In areas where there is no eave overhang or roof, a semi cassette folding arm awning is also used when there is an additional assembly for semi box enclosures. These come with drain positions for water and so optimal drainage is possible. There is also protection for the fabric if the awning is closed. Therefore, this is a great choice for shops, balconies, courtyards and terraces. Usually, this is in a maximum width of 5 meters and a maximum amount of projection of 2.75 meters where a 70mm axle is used.
Awnings are available in so many styles that the individual can choose the one that reflects his or her personality the most.
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