What Are Flexible Risers And What Are Their Several Utilities?

In today’s world the flexible risers have taken over the place of the old fashioned steel catenary risers. Worldwide now research and development is being carried in order to enhance and extensively develop the flexible pipe, the method and technique which was developed in 1980. In these 20 years or so, huge development and utilization of these risers have been recognized and is been regularly put in usage. Since the quality of the riser is considered to be flexible, it can easily be utilized to transport liquids and fuels from one source to another.
flexible riser
flexible riser
  • These risers are durable, handlers friendly, sustainable, capable of withstanding and operating at high pressure, and can be designed to different range of pipe sizes. These risers have been highly used for deep-water production and also sometimes used for deep-water drilling.
  • The ground water pumping work can be easily performed with these risers mainly due to the structure of these risers which is made by integrating thermoplastic polyurethane into a woven textile fabric of high tenacity polyester.
  • This composite pipe structure is perfectly designed to tackle the constraints of pressure, water depth, temperature fluctuations, and characteristic of the fluids. There is also the hybrid pipe movement and since the inside of these risers are made of corrosion-resistant materials, they can transport even chemical substances quite easily, without any hassle.
  • It compensates the heavy motions and allows the vessel motion due to wave loading. There are a number of configurations which not only utilizes the anchored buoyancy but also incorporates buoyancy modules as per the wave being steep or lazy.
flexible bore pipe
flexible bore pipe
Inspect and check the working of the riser before you buy it:
However, in order to reap the benefits of the flexible risers, regular maintenance and inspection of the same must be carried out. Although in the present time the material failure concerns have been nullified by the manufactures assuring more long term reliability of the risers, but still there abounds the failure related to the hazardous environment, typical to any deep-water operations. As any product requires regular checkups and tests, similarly these risers also need to be tested by computer simulations.
  • Accidental issues occurring underwater or on the surface also needs to be checked and tested and is done through decoupling mechanism. Flexible risers are like the veins that connects between the subsea fields developments and the production and drilling facilities.
  • The drive to profitability is clearly the main criteria of production organizations and key to sustain in the market is the main aim, thus clearly the benefits and cost effective utilization of these risers are coming in notice of all the organizations.
  • The riser manufactures and designers are not only focusing on riser systems for extreme deep waters, but are also challenging the limit in very shallow waters too.
flexible rising main

Discuss the designs and styles of the flexible riser with the manufacturers:
The manufacturers, today, are coming up with novel configuration designs to expand its advantages for both deep and shallow waters. It is for sure that in the years to come, the advantages and usage of these risers would contribute to a significant change of the overall market. Hence with coming years of development one can clearly foresee that Flexible riser is basic for solving your water problems and also key mode of carrier for produced hydrocarbons and other production materials like injection fluids, control fluids and gas lifts, same like that of pipelines and flow lines. The continuous efforts and inventions of technology have been, and still is, the most beneficial contribution towards growth and development.
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