Multiple Ways Of Pallet’s Different Usages

Pallets are mainly used for shipping purpose, because they make moving heavy objects easy. Pallet has horizontal surface and they are well suited for storage and handling goods. Majority of pallets are made of wood, but you can also find pallets made of plastic, paper, metals, or recycled materials.

pallets clayton
pallets clayton
Dimensions of Pallet
Sizes of wooden pallets usually vary from region to region, depending on usage. However, 36*36 inches is the standard size of the pallet used around the world. Since they are used for extensive variety of things, sizes vary based on its usage.

Types of pallet
  • Metal Pallets: Metal pallets are usually made of steel or aluminum. They are used in large industries because of their strength. They are stronger than any other kind of pallets. They are recyclable and very durable. They are free of any bacteria or pests. They are heavier when compared to other kind of pallets and they cost more to shipping.
  • Plywood Pallets: They are used for carrying light to medium weight goods. Even though they are light in weight, they are absolutely strong. They absorb very little moisture and hence possibility for fungus is very minimal. But water if left outside for a long time may damage it.
  • Wooden Pallets: They are used for shipping or transporting heavier products. They are less expensive compared to other materials of pallets. They can also be accumulated from the recycled materials. But they are heavier and difficult to clean. More prone to bugs if they get wet.
pallets Melbourne
pallets Melbourne
  • Press-wood Pallets: Dried wood fibers are shaped using high temperature and pressure to make a solid piece of press wood pallet. They are recyclable and low moisture content. But, like wooden pallets, they also get affected if exposed to water.
  • Plastic Pallets: They are stable for safe packaging and shipping goods. They do not need any special maintenance and they can be re-used numerous times. They have a capacity to carry high load and they do not have slippery surface. They are shockproof and also resistant against moisture and corrosion. They are recyclable and turned back into new pallets. They have a long lifespan of up to 10 years. They are usable irrespective of climate conditions. They can be easily cleaned and safe to handle. But they are expensive when compared to wooden pallets. If they get damaged, repairs are not easy.
  • Corrugated Cardboard Pallets: Made using corrugated cardboard sheets, they have moderate capacity and can carry up to 750kgs. They are recyclable and easy to handle. They cannot be used for heavier goods. These need to be kept away from water.
Some Cool Pallet Projects
We can use pallets for indoor/outdoor projects, apart from shipping purpose. You can make use of any kind of pallets; new, rustic. Best thing about pallets is, they are available even for free! Here are some of DIY things we can do using pallets:
pallets Carrum downs
pallets Carrum downs
  • Pallet Table: It can be beneficial for both indoor and outdoor use. It might need four wood pallets, we can make make it more attractive using oils, paints, and polish.
  • You can make small temporary pallet garden if you are out of space or live on rental.
  • You can use them for making shoe rack, most of us don't want to spend money on costly racks, hence we can get pallets for free and use them instead.
  • Pallets can be broken into blocks to make attractive lamp holders.
  • If you are more interested in arts, you would love to make wall decors using pallets.
  • Christmas tree: You can always use pallets for making Christmas tree. They are reusable and you can keep it for years.
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