A Rising Main And Its Different Utilities

The development is on a rage of rapid transformation; with the various high end inventions and technologies, which is endorsing high density convenience to build the concrete amenities and facilities for the public and environmental benefits. There are different types of pipes that are used to transport water to the irrigation sites, or to transport fuel from one industry to another. So the importance of the rising main is never ending.
flexible rising main
flexible rising main
  • The Rising Main is a type of drainage system and sewer through which a water supply from sources are delivered in different utilities and requirements, this is one of the most useful and major resource in building great concretes and structures.
  • The material of a rising main is a very important element of the product. As we all know that water, is never at its purest form, thus it contains various substance which causes corrosion. Therefore, the main should be made of anti-corrosive and rust resistant material to sustain the chemical substances of water corrosion.
  • Not only that, as water supply is a constant process, so a main must be of a low depreciable quality. Thus keeping this in mind the main is made of premium quality thermoplastic polyurethane that is combined with high tenacity polyester fabric.
What are the various utilities of the rising main?
flexible bore pipe
flexible bore pipe
  • It forces the water to climb up the ground, and it can be operated and maintained very easily.
  • It offers pressure water supply in purest of form.
  • Due to this water supply is immediately provided with utmost convenience.
  • This is the main substitute for the line of hose.
  • It obviates the risk of water damage which can be caused due to leakage in a hose pipe.
  • It can be proved useful even when a hose line would burst, in part of the building which is not affected by fire.
Apart from the above benefits, the rising mains are the most proactive invention which is constantly delivering benefits and growth in developments smoothly.

Types of a Rising Main – There are mainly 2 types:
flexible riser
flexible riser
  • Wet Risers – these types are mainly used and installed in constructions where the requirement of the water supply is to remain constant. It is well understood from the term itself that the pipe needs to be wet always and so is having a permanent flow of water. There is one suitable capacity main water supply, which connects the riser with help of a shut off controlled valve.
  • Dry Risers – these types are most commonly used and installed in constructions where there is a controlled and monitored requirement of water supply. The water flow when required is provided by means of fire service pumps and is distributed to different levels and floors by means of various outlets. It functions with help of an air release valve fitted at the highest point to support the riser to be fully charged through a fire station appliance via an inlet breeching, fitted outside of a building’s ground level. There are fire hydrant valves on each floor so that the brigades can connect at any level of the building enabling water supply.
The tall buildings now have a permanently installed rising main, which consists of vertical pipe with brigade connections at different levels. Main risers are an important component of construction and building and so high level of engineering calculations and methodology, proper selection of the right type and proper checking and maintenance of the same must be an integral part of the duty. The rising main is also used in many industrial sectors to get the water drawn up to the surface to complete a number of works.
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