What are magnetic name badges and what are their benefits?

Magnetic name badges are also called magnetic name tags. They work the best at the promotional events to spread the name of the companies and also to act as the channel of communication between individuals and companies.
name badges melbourne
name badges melbourne
  • When the employee has a name tag on, and a customer addresses the person by their name, they feel happy, they also provide better service and they give more attention to the customer. It is like an instant rapport which is created between the customer and the employee.
  • When name tags are used at events, they help in networking. Especially when one is meeting with so many people and can’t remember everyone’s names. This could lead to embarrassing situations at times, which is prevented by name tags.
  • Name tags are used in kindergarten and in primary schools especially when the kids are too young to remember their names or the phone number of their guardians.
However, in spite of the advantages of using name tags, people hesitate to wear them as:
magnetic name badges
magnetic name badges
  1. They normally consist of pins and these destroy the clothing and create marks on the clothes.
  2. By repeated use of these name tags, the clothes get holes in them which look extremely ugly.
  3.  Sometimes they don’t even stay upright but bend over.
How do the magnetic name-badges work?
The magnetic badge fasteners on the other hand are made of neodymium. They have permanent magnets which stick to the plates of the steel badge through the fabric of the shirt or jacket. In case aluminum badges are used, there is a steel piece which is stuck to the back of the badge plate and this attracts the fastener of the magnetic badge. There is no adhesive material which neither destroys the clothes nor pins to poke holes in the clothes.

A magnetic badge holder has various advantages:
business name badges
business name badges
  •  It is strong and therefore it attracts even through thick winter coats.
  • It does not damage the clothes as no holes are formed in the clothes.
  • It does not require adhesive to be used as it is organically done.
  • It is tidy and the fastener is concealed so it does not look tacky.
  • There is no left over marks or residue of adhesives as none are used.
  • One can use aluminum or steel badges.
  • These also have encasement which is smooth to the touch so it is comfortable to wear next to the skin.
  • Magnetic name tags are easy to remove as well as easy to attach.
  • This badge is also lightweight and therefore they don’t bend downwards taking the fabric with them.
  • It is affordable, can be customized and it can also be reused.
Due to the durability as well as the strength they have got raving reviews from customers. The badges also come with clear resin domes or flat surfaces as per the requirement, they have synthetic polymer frames. These badges as they are made of metal and they do not create any conflict with any uniform colors or any colors one uses and it does not hang up on clothes either. The only word of caution that one should exercise is that, those who have pacemakers should not use magnetic badge fasteners as this could interfere with the working of the pacemaker. These magnetic badges come in different types. One can put in paper inserts which are printed on the inkjet or laser printer or there can be name badges which are blank with just the logo put in and the names as well as titles can be added by label makers or by markers.
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