Timber Roof Truss- Best Support The Rooftop Of Your Home

If you are the one who likes to know about houses and dreams of owing a house of your own in the future, then getting some information about timber roof truss is not a bad idea. In layman terms, timber roof truss can be defined as a structural framework which is installed in order to provide support to the roof as well as fill the gap between rooms. The aforesaid is completely made of timber and can come in different designs to suit the need of the house. These were first discovered in the medieval ages and have been with us ever since.
Timber Roof Truss
Timber Roof Truss
Types of timber roof truss 

If you look carefully, you will find that the timber roof trusses are placed carefully, preferably at equal intervals to provide ample support to the roof. Given that each house has its uniqueness, there are a number of options to choose from when it comes to selecting a truss. 

Let us first have a look at the open trusses 
  1. Hammerbeam Truss: Often touted as a product of arch braced truss, this timber roof truss gives a larger spanning area. Some of these trusses can span as much as 20 meters and a live example can be seen in the Westminister Hall in London. These trusses are known to have both multiple as well as single beam which should be selected based on the building it is to be used in.
  2. Scissors truss: The reason for these trusses are called scissor truss is because of the fact that they do look like a pair of scissors. If you look closely at the truss, then you will find certain distinguishing feature. The first notable feature you will find here is that the feet of the rafter or the top chord will always land on the bottom chord. Secondly, the bottom chords should be connected strongly at the point where the bottom chord passes. The advantage of this truss is that it makes the ceiling well spaced, hence, you get better attic area.
Timber Roof Truss
Timber Roof Truss
It is time we look at some of the closed truss 
  • Queen Post truss: If you look at the queen post then you find two well place rafters which will be vertical in design. The simple design of the queen post is its biggest advantage as it makes the truss all the more reliable. Moreover, it has a decent span which extends to 10 meters; something which makes is perfect for different types of buildings.
  • King Post truss: It is often called the simplest truss and is known to command well managed joints. The span of the king post truss is 8 meters which is why you will find these trusses in smaller establishments.
Advantages of truss 

If you are conflicted about using a timber roof truss, then you should go ahead and check out some of the advantages of the product which makes it so popular. 
Timber Roof Truss
Timber Roof Truss
  • Flexible Design: In terms of designs, you can easily manipulate the trusses in order to install other important equipment. Moreover, they are known to offer space for different structural specifications, especially the architectural ones.
  • Installation: The installation of trusses is very easy and fast given that assembling them is pretty straight forward. Since, the truss are made keeping in mind certain specifications, they can be installed right away. As you will not be constructing the trusses at the site, you reduce the chance of letting the site conditions play a part in the manufacturing of the truss.
  • Cost effective: Trusses are considered to be economical investments because of the fact that you can easily get a long span of 15 meters at a cheap rate. So, build your home with the best timber roof truss, which can cover each of the areas well.
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