Construct A Trendy Modern Kitchen For Your House

Every room in a house has its own uses and purpose. However, nothing is as multi functional as the kitchen of the house. It is like the hub of the house, a place where we not only prepare food but also entertain guests and share our meals as a family. Now, a modern kitchen is probably the dream of every woman.
kitchen designs brighton
kitchen designs brighton
  • There are differences of opinion among homeowners, and also among designers, regarding the utility-based products that should be made part of the modern kitchen. The domestic or the commercial kitchens that are truly modern, can also make a fine balance between the traditional artifacts that were used, along with the new-age paraphernalia that forms part of the modern kitchen.  
  • Firstly, the layout – it’s all fine to see beautiful pictures in catalogues and have great ideas, but not everything would be suitable for all settings. We first need to think of the large appliances like the refrigerator, the stove, oven etc and their placements.
  • Next is the storage. All kitchens have lots of pots and pans, gadgets and they all should be easily reachable. Also the kitchen should be able to mirror your personality. Hence the kitchen should not only be functional, but beautiful too. We have given some pointers that can be followed while thinking of a modern kitchen.
What are the factors to keep in mind, while designing a modern kitchen?
Optimization of space should always be our goal while considering our modern kitchen layout. If we have a small space, then a galley layout is a lovely option.
modern kitchens melbourne
modern kitchens melbourne
  • The horizontal space being limited we could think in a vertical manner. Counters and shelves can be stacked higher. For layouts which are larger we could think of a U- shaped or L-shaped style with a large center island.
  • These kinds of shapes give lot of cabinet and counter space. Also the seventy-year-old idea of the kitchen work triangle is still very much appreciated. It’s a simple and yet extremely economical design. It connects the stove, sink and the fridge.
  • There should be ample space optimization as far as setting up the storage units, and the light fixtures should get reflected
Kitchen Storage -
All kitchens have several small and big items that need to be stored from cookware to small and big appliances.
kitchens huntingdale
kitchens huntingdale
  • And for all this we need drawers, shelves or cabinets. We should plan them in such a way that we get maximum storage out of the smallest areas.
  •  We could think of hanging pot racks, pullout storage racks even cabinets in the island. The idea should be a clutter free counter.
  • Small corners and areas under the sink can also be used to the maximum. Items which are not in frequent use can also be stored in the storage room.
Countertops and cabinets should be of same color:
Stainless steel, limestone or concrete counters are in fashion these days; however, marble or granite is also an elegant choice. When you install the countertops, then you must use the materials that are not just durable, but those that can also be cleaned and maintained very easily. Marble, stone and mosaic patterns on granite are some of the best options that home makers can experiment with.  

Like we already discussed the kitchen is the hub and heart of the house and hence the decor should be a reflection of your personality. Whether you want it to be sober and yet elegant with just a black and white ensemble or a little extravagant with colors it is your choice. You can make your kitchen better with modern kitchen. Extravagant colors give a bright and cheerful look. We are particularly partial to the idea of a chalkboard to note down lists or notes or a small calendar. A few plants or herbs thrown around could give it a homely feel too. 
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