How Varieties Of Cemetery Monuments Can Help You To Choose The Best?

Cemetery monuments, like cemetery monuments all over the world is very like homes or houses of the living.  The reason why they are akin to homes is that like houses they can be found of various different types, colors and sizes. They can be broadly being classified in the following types:

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Types of cemetery monuments

  • Upright monuments: These have different shapes and sizes and these are also created in different styles.
  • Slant memorials: These are not as low as flat markers of graves nor are they high as the upright memorials. Normally, they slant either in front or they slope backward. The slant can be up to even 45 degrees. Normally, these come in two different sizes. There is the single size or the double size. These normally have symbols and inscriptions and these are also personalized. They are thicker and shorter than the normal upright headstones.
  • Bevel Markers: These are pillow markers and these are also called as bevel markers and they are like slant memorials but the angle is not as steep as slant memorials. Usually, these are above the ground and are not like the slant memorials which start from the ground itself.
  • Flat headstones: These too are personalized but they are small and due to the size the amount of personalization that can be done is restricted. Also, these are harder to be located in cemeteries.
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  • Standard tablet stones:  The standard tablet stones are rectangular in shape.
  • Domed tablet stones: These have the top which is dome shaped.
  • Shoulder tablets: Unlike the domes, these have angles on the top.
  • Gothic tablets stones: These have ornamental curves or angles which remind one of gothic arches.
  • Bench memorials: These benches are alternatives to the traditional monuments. In the bench, there is normally a niche that contains the remains of the person who has been cremated.
  • Mausoleums: These are buildings that contain the burial chambers. The burial chambers can be either below the ground or it can be above the ground as well.
  • Crypts: Crypts are chambers that are generally made of stone. They are normally found below the ground.

Choosing a monument

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When you need to choose a cemetery monument, then please give first priority to customized cemetery and burial services. They need to be first and foremost be aware of the different types of monuments which are available. Starting from a grave marker, headstone, cemetery monument, crypt as well as a mausoleum; once they have chosen what kind of monument they want, to the next thing they will need is to choose the material they want the monument made of. There are different options like cement, marble, granite and stone.  Once that has been narrowed down next they need to select the shape, style and color and also the words that they require to be written, the font, size of the letterings and also whatever etching or engraving they want.

There are some who in addition to the monument require it to be adorned by other items like vases, flag holders, photographs, remembrance lamps and religious items.

For the cremated remains of the dearly departed persons, there are urns that can be inserted into the gravestones or grave markers or even headstones, in addition to the memorial benches.

The cemetery monuments regardless of their type normally have the name of the person, their date of birth and also their date of death. Normally, some words of phrases regarding the deceased are added or sometimes, they include prayers, quotes or something that helps one to memorialize the person.

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