See How Flexible Risers Can Work?

These days drilling into the planet’s surfaces especially the deep sea drilling and groundwater pumping are very common. There are dedicated companies working days in and out in order to get the right results, but they often face issues with the process of laying down the pipes for getting the job done. This is the reason why such companies have been looking at an alternative to the conventional piping systems which is what brings us to the world of flexible risers. The reason for their popularity can be attributed to a number of reasons which includes its capability of being a shallow and deep water riser and also providing the companies with a decent flow line system.

flexible riser

What is a riser?

It will be good to have a complete idea about what exactly is a riser. In the world of shallow water drilling, a riser is a vertical pipe which helps in the upward flow of water. Therefore, a flexible riser can be described as a pipe which provides for the necessary flexibility. This helps it to manipulate the flow of water upwards, especially for shallow water which includes the likes of groundwater which can have great uses for both consumption and commercial usage.

How do flexible risers work?

The flexible risers are known to be a one step solution for shallow water rising. Getting hold of the shallow water would include drilling strategically; so these pipes are laid after the completion of drilling process and go straight to the source. After reaching the sub-levels, they slowly start transferring the ground water towards the surface, and so in this way they work as a vertical transportation device. The swiftness with which the water is transported from the shallow regions to the storage units is indeed commendable and this is what makes these flexible risers so valuable to such operations.

flexible bore pipe

How to make the flexible risers?

Then there is no denying the fact that when you are using risers for ground water pumping it has to be able to handle the water pressure, all the while transferring it swiftly. In order for the risers to work in such a way, the hoses of the risers are specifically designed. Most of the companies follow a strict order while making them and it includes the integration of the thermoplastic polyutherane in either a high tenacity polyester or woven textile fabric. The reason for using this particular procedure for producing these hoses is because it gives you a dual advantage. Firstly, it will give the flexible risers the much needed flexibility essential for overall operation of the product. Secondly, the features of the components will help the risers to hold onto the weight of all submersible pumps which will be engaged with the upward flow of ground water.

Advantages of flexible risers

  • Damage resistance: When you think of submerging any metallic pipes into water, the first concern you have is whether it will be corroded or not. We must say that most manufacturers have taken steps to equip it against corrosive agents. Moreover, in most flexible risers you will find a specific coating which protects them against microbiological damage, an occupational hazard faced by the risers.
  • Coupling: The name of the product is flexible risers and a lot of credit for it is given to the flexible pipe coupling.
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