Reece Tapware for Stylish and Modern Bathrooms

Renovation of home is a difficult task and when it comes to selecting the right sanitary ware, it is even more difficult. There are all kinds of styles and brands available in the market, but the brands and styles are scattered all over the place. You often have to jump from one store to the next just to buy a different brand, or a different style. That’s where Reece can come in handy. With a wide range of tapware and sanitary ware on offer, Reece is a trustworthy online retailer that offers products at competitive prices.

reece bath tapware

Varieties of Reece tapware styles

Reece offers a huge array of tapware including basin tapware, bidet tapware, bath/spa tapware, shower tapware, care tapware and thermostatic tapware. Further, it offers taps from different top brands such as Nicolazzi, Porcher, Dorf, RAM, Milli, Methven, Base, Bastow, Armitage Shanks just to name a few out of many. Every piece of tap has been designed to fit the needs of a contemporary bathroom and they all look just classy. In fact, the professional team of Reece will also help you to choose the best of all to match your setup. If you are puzzled while choosing the best one, then you can any time take the help of the experts and get your problem solved.

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3 steps to choose the finest Reece tapware

Selecting the right tap ware for your bathroom or kitchen can be a tedious and confusing task. With so many varieties and options available, it is possible to be confused and difficult to take the right decision. To assist you with the same, below mentioned is a guide for you to land up with the best tap ware-

1. Selecting a design- Before choosing any particular tap ware, you must consider the theme of your bathroom. The taps must complement with the whole design of your bathroom, kitchen or where you want to get the taps installed. If you think that while getting your bathroom remodeled, looks of the taps do not matter then it is best to think twice. A simple and traditional tap will not go well with your stylish washbasin, beautiful tiled walls and modern lighting. Thus, you need to be selective. You must hold and feel the taps to ensure that they are comfortable to use.

reece bath kitchen taps

2. 3 piece or mixer- If you are looking for something traditional then you can always go for a 3-piece set of taps. On the other hand, if you are looking for something unique, stylish and modern then go for a mixer type of tap ware. However, if you are just retrofitting your bathroom then you will have limited option. In this case, you will have to stick with the existing style only. Then you can update only the cosmetic details and cannot make any major changes. However, if you are ready to re-plumb the entire in-wall components then you are free to make any choices with the tap ware.

3. Functionality- It is essential to consider the functionality of your taps. You must know for what purpose your taps are going to be used. You must be clear about whether you need a wall-mounted tap or a taller tap to fit into your basin. It all depends upon your specific requirements and needs. For a freestanding bath, you will be requiring a longer spout and so on. You must first realize your needs and then go on selecting your Reece tapware accordingly.

reece kitchen taps

Of course, you also need to consider the kind of material you plan to use. Stainless steel is probably your best bet, given its longer durability. 


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