How Timber Pallets Are Used In Multipurpose Ways?

Modern day industrial storage and transportation calls for secure modes and also easy to handle. The invention of pallet in the twentieth century was largely influenced by the boost in industrialization and for a great need for mass transportation of both raw materials as well as finished goods. The primary reason for the mass use of pallets include the economical incentive that is spread through the entire chain, easy transportation and storage and also the protection of goods and also to some extent the people working with them. Since stacking and storing is secured chances of the containers spilling to the floor and causing damage to man or material is almost eliminated.

The prevalence of wood

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When it comes to the choice of material used for making the pallets, the timber still rules the roost. More than 90% of the pallets all over the world are made out of timber or wood.

  • Most timber pallets are classified into two groups, the stinger pallets and the block pallets.
  • The stringer pallets have parallel supports at the base and so these are available for the forklift to be accessed two ways only.
  • These pallets are primarily made out of hardwood coming from the deciduous trees that will ensure the strength of the structure.
  • On the other hand, the block pallets are supported by both parallel as well as perpendicular wood lengths that automatically ensure their sturdy make. They are mostly made out of softwood that come from the coniferous trees. 

Reasons for timer preference

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When it comes to factors like strength and durability, the timber pallets score well due the inherent tough characteristic of wood.

  • Any pallet must have the ability to bear the weight of the load stacked as they are frequently hoisted and left on the forklifts, or suspended in between the rails of a conveyor.
  • As such, the pallets have to be stiff and able to weather the physical force like that of compression, vibration, and shock among others.
  • However, despite all such specifications, the wood pallets are also cost-effective and this also has an effect on the goods prices. 
  • Most brand owners either opt for the one-tier pallets that will be disposed of after shipment or arrive on the two-tier approach where the pallets are retrieved by them.

Setting of international standards

With trans-border trade taking place around the world, organizations have come up with measures to specify the standards that have to be met internationally.

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  • The ISO or the International Organization for Standardization has given out specifications for six standard dimensions mostly according to their uses in the different continents.
  • The International Plant Protection Convention specifies that the pallets that are shipped across the borders have to be non-invasive to the species of insects that can cause damage to the environment as pests.
  • The set standard for the phytosanitary compliance has been specified as ISPM 15 that have to be indicted by the seal of the company treating them either with heat or chemical fumigation.

Manufacturer and transport

Suppliers and manufacturers of the timber pallets often times need to stick to the type of wood that they use in manufacturing them as each call for dedicated chain supply. However, there are those that obtain the used pallets and then refurbish them for fresh supply and use. Most such manufacturers will be able to provide the pallets that under some testing standards while they are being made. Go with the most durable timber pallets, during transportation, the pallets offer a lot of economization of space as they are usually stacked in a lengthwise and widthwise way that will interlock them for a secure transportation. This way the pallets will also be in a better position to withstand any shock. 

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