Features & Advantages Of Procedure Or Medication Isolation Trolley

One of very commonly used trolleys in the hospital is procedure / medication isolation trolley. The main purpose of these trolleys is to store medical things and supply wherever needed. Hospitals are one place wherein there are lots of patients who can suffer from contagious diseases and there are high possibilities of infection on a large-scale, of medication isolation trolleys are not used for the patients. There are many steps taken by the hospitals so that these diseases do not spread. One of such step was taken in the form of isolation trolley.

    procedure / medication isolation trolley
  • There is not much difference between procedure / medication isolation trolley and a normal hospital cart. However, the major difference is that these trolleys are painted with special paint referred to as an antimicrobial paint. Through this, it is possible to clear germs on the cart. Therefore, this makes sure that germs do not spread from one bed in the hospital to another.
  • In the market, there are various kinds of procedure / medication isolation trolleys available. However, selecting commercially developed ones can be wise decision. These are the ones that comprise instructions related to cleaning by the manufacturer.

Advantages of a medication isolation trolley:

Movable and easy to clean cart for these make a good choice. It also needs to have very smooth surface. If the shelves are nonporous then you should prefer as it is one of good choices. Keep in mind that in order to clean these carts, you need to make use of disinfectant that is medically approved.

emergency / crash trolley
  • It is a clever decision to opt for the one that have adequate amount of storage space. This is very important as far as contamination is concerned. Prior to purchasing, it is always recommended that you gain information on safety of the staff and rules and regulations related to the structure of it.
  • At the time of selecting procedure / medication isolation trolley, it is crucial for you to consider the needs first. Along with these, the isolation trolley also needs be able to hold disinfectant wipes, hand rub based on alcohol, etc.

How to manage the medication isolation trolley?

Once you have bought this isolation trolley, it is crucial that you are aware about management of these trolleys. The very first thing is that you must know about the placement of these trolleys.

    stainless steel medical trolley
  • For this, you can get in touch with the health and safety professionals or you can even consult fire marshal. One thing that you need to make sure is that the trolley must be around two meters away from the patient’s bed.
  • Another care that you need to take care of at the time of using these trolleys is that without fail you should wash your hands prior to using it. As far as the cleaning of procedure / medication isolation trolley is concerned, it should be done according to the instructions of manufacturer. It is advisable that cleaning should be done at least one time in a week. The responsibility of cleaning should be left on a special team designated for this work.
  • In order to take proper precautions, it is essential to make sure that enough supplies are stocked over the trolley. Whenever something is used from the trolley, it should be noted down as this will help in restocking the trolley in the right manner.

These are some of the guidelines for purchasing the right procedure / medication isolation trolley and tips for maintenance of these. This can surely help you have the best one and keep it in the best possible condition. Do some online research, that will surely help you to purchase the trolleys, specially procedure / medication isolation trolleys. Even you can customize these trolleys for your emergency medical needs. 


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