Why You Need For The Acoustic Attenuators In Your Routine ?

Acoustic attenuators are designed to reduce the noise from the fan and air conditioning devices. The main purpose of these attenuators is to reduce the noise from ventilation ducts and prevent the propagation of various noises between the rooms. In simple words, these acoustic attenuators are used when it is crucial to have the gas flow without spoiling the flow of the gas. At the same time maintaining the drop in pressure and keeping it low. This can also be called a noise silencer, which is commonly used in various domestic and industrial or in other applications that requires attenuators. There are major companies investing in this industry. One can get all types of attenuators, depending on their purpose and various requirements. The most important thing is that the companies also provide customized attenuators for the customers.

What are the various applications based on its fields?

acoustic attenuators

The most common application for acoustic attenuators is the HVAC systems, for radiators, system effects for the fan inlets, reducing the temperature for towers and many more. In the industrial setting, the devices which generate noise while flowing from any particular equipment, the attenuators are used to suppress the noise. All this is done as an industrial level work which needs proper knowledge for a person to work in this industry.

 The various kinds of acoustic attenuators

There are specific types of acoustic attenuators based on the right design, or for the construction purpose. But all the specific requirements dictate the fact that they are built for particular application. For instance, in order to choose the right type of inlets that again depend on either you will need rectangular or select the circular attenuators. Accordingly, it is fitted for the sound silence equipment. If the attenuator is fitted with a suction pipeline, a circular silencer and at times the custom flange are used in order to fit the diameter of a particular pipe system. On the other side, there are massive HVAC systems, which come with air channels, which are usually rectangular, shaped, and for this purpose rectangular acoustic attenuator is known to work the best.

acoustic silencers

It is found that, in many cases straight silencers is not just possible to use it, in such time bend or otherwise known as elbow attenuators are mostly used. The main feature of this attenuator is that, it is capable of holding the larger pressure compared to acoustic attenuators that comes in the simple straight designs and patterns.

 Another type of attenuator, known as cross-talk attenuator are also called air relief silencer. This kind of attenuator is mainly used for maintain acoustic issues in the occupational places. It is done to reduce the noises that transfer from one room to another. You can find cross-talk attenuators in schools, hospitals, public places, libraries and official places etc.

On choosing the right attenuator and maintaining the acoustic attenuator

In order to make a proper choice for the acoustic attenuators you can rely on the following factors:

  • Technical features of the pipe line (its shape, diameter etc.)
  • Pressure drop
  • Where it will be used (the right kind of environment)

Other than that, you will need help from professional expert in case of doubt. Because each and every part of attenuators is very specific, this makes it mandatory that no mistakes can be made for producing a noise controlled environment.

  • The Maintenance

The attenuators that are installed indoors do not usually have maintenance issues. But it is applicable for those attenuators that are installed in outdoor location. Depending on the product purchased, one will get the sufficient warranty time period but generally within 2 years two checks are necessary to ensure that the attenuators are working in a balanced manner. You can get best range of Acoustic Attenuators within your budget now!


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