Preserve Your Old Memories In A Box Photo Frame With Modern Way

Box photo frames serve the same purpose of normal photo frames, while protecting photographs they also have a decorative look that enhances the appearance of the wall or any other place where they are placed. Box frames have outer frames that are made with broader or bigger pieces of material, which when formed into a frame give them a box like appearance. Though box frames have been around since a long time they have gained more popularity in recent times mainly because they can be made in modern styles and designs and these can be made with a variety of materials. Many of them are made in unconventional designs that give them an appearance of modern art. Their designs and styles make them stand out as not just photo frames but as objects of art, moreover, they blend well with other decorative items in the room giving the whole room an attractive look.

Objects Of Art

In many cases, old photographs which would look drab and dull seem to look more colorful when mounted in box frames. Since the frame is made with broader pieces of material more area is available for carving designs or inlay work. Intricate designs and shapes can be made with frames that are made with metals or synthetic materials. A set of box photo frames which are imaginatively placed in a room can change the whole appearance of the room. The frames not only break the monotonous look of the wall but also act as decorative objects rather than just photo frames. The frames can be stained with wood colors and coated with finishes like high quality varnish, French polish or more durable ones like melamine, each of which has a distinct look of its own. The use of paints for frames has enabled designers to experiment with shades like pink, blue, violet etc., colors which would have been unthinkable of in the past. However, a combination of a design with what are considered as unconventional colors, if properly matched will make the frame look attractive, if it is placed at the right place or in combination of other objects that go well with it, a single item can make the whole place come alive.

Desk Top Models

Just like conventional photo frames box frames too come with hooks or rings which make it easy to mount them on walls. Desk type models are also available, these models are not limited to desk tops only but can also be placed on mantelpieces and other places, they are available with hinged supports or without them. Since they are broad enough they can be placed on desk tops without requiring any kind of support. As with traditional photo frames the box type varieties too serve the same purpose, that of keeping memories alive. Now that we have access to more modern styles and designs of preserving these memories the newer generation will be more inclined to keep them as they have a modern look which goes well with the attitudes of the present generation.

New Materials For Frames

With the exotic types of wood that were used for making frames in the past getting rarer newer types of material are being put to use. The use of laminated boards, different types of plastics and metal for making frames is increasing by the day, they are not only easily available but there are also many different and newer types of designs, moreover, they are much easier to work upon unlike older methods which required staining and polishing which was quite a time taking and laborious job and required a lot of skill. The use of paints as a final finish is also very beneficial since any type of wood can be used; the final coat of paint protects the wood while giving the designer the option of using a wide variety of shades. The new types of materials being used now have their own advantages, the first one being that they are more weather resistant and are easier to maintain, just a simple swipe with a cloth will do. So, contact us for knowing more about the perfect box photo frames today !


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