Corporate Trophies- A Matter of Pride for Those Who Get Them

Rewards and recognitions are a part of every big and small organization. Professionally happy and satisfied staff reflects that rewards and recognition process of the company is in progress. Employers use both monetary and non-monetary mediums of appreciation to motivate their employees. With cash rewards, employees have the liberty to use the money in the way that they want. But once the cash is gone, it’s gone. For the feeling of being rewarded to stay with the employee, they must also get something that is not spent. Corporate trophies are among such non-cash mediums of appreciation that reminds the employee about their achievement and keep them motivated. Not only to boost the morale of the employees, but also to show appreciation to the clients or business partners, corporate trophies are a great idea.

Material used to make trophies

Trophies can be made from a single material or from more than one. Some trophies are made from plastic whereas, sometimes shields or figures in metal or crystal are attached to a plastic or wooden shaft in order to hold the base. Gypsum is inserted in it in order to make it sturdy. Base can also be made up of wood and marble for strength. Resin and molds are also used to make trophies these days. In order to make them look more prestigious and expensive, trophies are often made in gold tone or silver tone. In addition, the trophies are made from various materials and the parts are made in a factory but trophies are not assembled there. They are supplied to stores in pieces where they are assembled.

Trophies often denote the event that they are presented for. Therefore, they either take the shape of the particular event or may have the purpose engraved on them.

Types of Trophies

  • Traditional Trophies – Giving trophies to recognize talent is a very old tradition. These trophies are used to have a moving or spinning part, like a globe or a ball. They also came in a wide variety of columns.
  • Resin Trophies- These trophies can be given for participation in an event. They may be engraved with some event or the logo of a company.
  • Special Trophies – These trophies are custom made and are made on order as per the requirements of the customer.

Events where trophies can be given

Trophies are presented by corporate houses to their employees, their partners, and customers or clients. Trophies are presented to employees for their excellent performance in sales and other excelling areas. An employee with 100% attendance might also be presented with a trophy. An employee with a zero error record can also be given a token of appreciation in the form of a trophy. They are presented to sportsmen for their outstanding performance in their sport. In fact, trophies are presented in the fields of arts, journalism, dance and theatre as well.

They are a sincere attempt of showing appreciation to an individual or a group that they have excelled in an event. We often see people displaying their trophies in shelves to the world. This alone proves that people are proud of getting trophies in rewards.

Trophies are the most widely distributed token of appreciation also because they are available in all price range. Their quality, design and material used to make the trophy determine their price. Trophies come in all shapes and sizes and these can be chosen based on the size and importance of the event and achievement. Trophies do not come at a very high cost for an employer but getting a trophy is definitely a matter of pride for any employee and he/she stays motivated always.  If you want to know more details on getting the best corporate trophies, then please contact us today!


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