Keep Your Primary Things Safe with Car Park Storage

The facility of car park storage comes handy not just for long term car storage but also for temporary period or daily purpose.  It offers security and safety to vehicles and keeps them away from damage. If you are parking on the sideways or outside, there is a high chance that unexpected climatic conditions can create damage to your dear possessions.

Advantages of car park storage

car park storage

Car park storage can take up anything, your daily use car, your classic vintage car, kids’ bikes, and so on. Such type of storage facilities is useful for those who do not have enough parking spaces in their homes or the ones who need to leave their car out for a prolonged journey.  Nowadays, many professional companies offer car park storage and so it is easy to get one such facility in your locality. These car park storage services provide easy access, large secured space that lends security and safety to your cars and they come with enhanced security features that can include video and close-circuit television surveillance 24 hours and clean and safe surroundings to your car to prevent damage. 

Nowadays, owning a vehicle is not just for daily conveyance but it is also for the style and hobby. Hence, there are people who own summer cars and winter cars. For such people, car storage options are great because of the varied features that these services provide.

Points to be ensured before you keep your car in storage

When you are keeping your car in car park storage, there are certain things that you would need to keep in mind to ensure good condition and upkeep of the car. Here are some:

car park storage

The right cover: Whether you are leaving your car in the care of professionals or in a garage, it is better to keep your car securely covered. A weatherproof car cover will ensure that your car is safe, dry, clean and in good condition.

Clean the car please: When you keep your car out of action for a long time, you need to see to it that your car is clean. Any stain or even bird droppings that are not cleaned off before you store it can create permanent damage to your car. Hence clean the cars well; wipe all the sides and corners properly and that includes the wheels and the fenders. Remove dirt, mud or grease that might be sticking on. If you have the time and money, an additional coat of wax would be a good option for your car.

Oiling too needs note: If you intend to keep the car in car park storage only for couple of weeks, then there is no need to change the oil but if you want to park your car for months, then do change the oil.

Fill up the tank:  Ensure that the tank is filled before you leave the car in the storage. If the tank is kept empty, then there are chances that the tank interiors might be affected by moisture and this will prevent the drying out of seals. Getting a fuel stabilizer helps because it will ensure that the gas is not deteriorated. It can also protect the engine from rusting.

Keep the battery charged: Even if your car is in storage, it needs to be driven every two weeks at least for 15 minutes or so to keep your battery functioning smoothly. The periodic driving of car guarantees proper functioning of the engine, brakes, air-conditioner and other components.  The professional car park storage service people should take care of this.

Parking brake not a good idea: Instead of parking brakes, get a tire stopper as the former can get in contact with rotors causing a fuse.

These are but some points. Check with the professional service providers as to what features they provide as well, so that you can leave your precious cars under good care. If you want more details on car park storage then please click here and make an added space for keeping your necessary items.
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