How to Maintain & Repair the Roller Shutter?

Roller shutters are mostly installed for the security purposes and if your roller shutter does not work properly then you must hire an efficient technician immediately. Roller shutters are mainly designed according to the specification and you can customize the size and designs also. These shutters are famous for the low maintenance cost and easy to operate techniques. But in some cases if you identify any problem like the roller shutters do not operate smoothly or some parts are damaged due to rust then you can easily repair your roller shutter within your budget. In this regards you can consult with your manufacturer company or you can search online and you will get many repairing centers. Afterwards you just need to place your order and their mechanic shall come to your place and repair your shutter efficiently. 
  • You will find companies engaged in offering repair services with expertise. You can access 24 hour emergency service and invite engineers at home or to business premise to fix shutters in the most efficient manner.
  • It is your safety and health requirement to check doors and windows in every 12 months. Hence, you need to ensure that the shutters are inspected once in a while to avoid hazards to your business and your security.
How to repair the roller shutter?

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  • Inspect the reason for the issue
Check if the slats are stuck. If yes, there is something jamming in the box, which is placed on the window. There is a roller or shaft in the box that holds together all the slats properly in place. Hence, if any of the slats are broken, then the entire assembly of slats gets affected by getting tangled together. Sometimes, the first slat, which is attached with the roller, might get worn out and needs repairing. This slat needs to be repaired or needs to be replaced once again.
  • Expose the reason for damage
Since the slats are stuck, you have to find out the screws used for covering the box. Slowly and properly eliminate the screws and then pull over the cover. While doing this be careful to wear safety glasses since the spring mechanism which is inside the box might come off and even spring back.
  • Fitting back those broken slats
First, you have to unroll the slats to check the one that is broken. In this regards you need to replace the slats completely.  You will find aluminum and plastic slats secured tightly in longitudinal slots with the use of clip. The added advantage of wooden slat is that it comes with clips or hoop attachments. Hence, it is easy to remove wooden slats by simply releasing the hoop or clip attachment.

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Reattaching the loose parts of the shutter:
  • Re-attaching all the loose parts
Place the reels to the wheel that have come off back. Start by opening the box and then inspect every part in it. To evade any further damage install the parts correctly. Read the manual properly to know how to secure the brackets, bearings and spring hangers back into its secured positions.
  • Re-attaching the prime slat
Check if the main slat is securely connected to the roller. If not and if the slat has worn out, then inspect thoroughly the mounting hardware. If in any case the mounting hardware cannot be tightly fixed to the roller then you should buy new one and follow the manual to learn how to install them. After the main slat is re-attached test the rolling mechanism. If there is anything wrong with its functioning, call an expert to fix the problem.
It is very difficult to do this entire repairing task by yourself and if you do not have any experiences in this field then you must hire some company or technicians. They are experienced in this field and they can do this job within a short time. If you want to know more about shutter repairs then please come with us today. We’ll solve your both indoor and outdoor repairs for your window roller shutters.
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