Important Things You Must See for Gel Seat Cushions Wheelchairs

Sitting on a wheelchair for long hours can lead not only to increased level of discomfort but physically adverse conditions as well. As sitting for long hours reduces the flow of blood and weakens muscles, incurrence of sores and ulcers is likely. Pressure sores can lead to dangerous consequences even to the extent of being hospitalized and return with permanently damaged skin elasticity.
gel seat cushions for wheelchairs

Figure the facts
Key reasons for sores that develop due to long hours of sitting on a wheelchair are the adverse conditions induced by pressure between the body and chair when in contact. The adverse conditions are as follows:
  • Insufficient blood supply and circulation in areas under high pressure, especially the ones that are directly under bones.
  • Collection of sweat on the skin due to inadequate air flow.
  • Presence of local areas of elevated temperature.
  • Stress on skin for long hours.
Sitting long hours on a wheelchair
Not just any cushion will do for people using wheelchair for long hours. There is a range of wheelchair cushions to choose from, but the best choice depends on medical factors specific to the individual. It is important for one to consult a doctor or physical therapist to evaluate various factors, especially those particular to the individual well before selecting the type of cushion.

wheelchair pressure relief cushions

Benefits of gel cushions 
The gel seat cushions for wheelchairs are designed keeping in mind the comfort and pressure relief. These cushions are generally constructed with a gel bladder surrounded by a high density foam covering the gel. In this way, the seat comfortably modifies with the users’ body part. Pressure reducing cushions are designed to prevent and treat ulcers caused by pressure. Most of them come with removable seat covers made of breathable material which can be removed for washing so as to ensure hygienic condition. Spending long hours seated without having proper kind of support beneath is not only uncomfortable, but may give rise to a host of complications. 

Gel and fluid cushions are advisable for people with poor nerve sensation and muscular disorders restricting their movements. Gel cushions can be contoured for postural support and distribute pressure well. They offer good support to the atrophied muscle tissue, creating a harder surface than foam.
Some of the advanced features and advantages of gel seat cushions for wheelchairs are:
  • They reduce and distribute pressure.
  • The viscous gel used provide optimized level of pressure reduction, lend support and enhance comfort.
  • They have generally have anti-shearing properties with pressure reduction.
  • The soft foam base is mildly contoured to enhance proper positioning of the pelvic bone and thighs and thus increase sitting tolerance.
Features of gel cushion

wheelchair gel seat cushion

Now that you know why you should opt for a gel cushion over and against any other type of cushion, it is good to know the common and popular features of gel cushions which make them a preferred choice.
  • They have fire retardant polyurethane washable foam covers.
  • Zippered and removable covers are made of fluid-proof material for increased durability.
  • These removable and replaceable covers are water resistant and have non-slip vinyl base.
  • The General Use Gel "E" 2" or “E” 3” in the seat cushion reduces pressure and prevents ulcer.
  • High density foam that encapsulates the viscous gel bladder provides proper envelopment around the bony areas.
  • The cushion weight is moderate.
  • The cushion height is not more than 2”.
  • The length is usually around 18”.
  • The width is generally not more than 16”.
Try it out
While deciding on an appropriate cushion regardless of sensation, it is advisable for you try sitting on it and feel its comfort before you make a final call on your purchase. Sometimes, cushions do not position the person properly despite being advertised as the most comfortable cushion.  The choice of cushion should be based on the patient's comfort apart from diagnosis and function. There is no significant cost difference among the pressure-relieving cushions. For more information about gel cushion for wheelchair & much more products please visit us now!
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