Be Familiar With Marble Benchtops

Are you finding it difficult to choose between the stone benchtop? Then, here you can get the required solution of your problem. Selecting among which stone to be used for your decor purposes, might pose a threat in front of you. You might not be able to decide, which stone benchtop will make out to be a good choice. On that point, you should consider some of the following facts about both the stones for deciding a benchtop. Granite and marble both have some advantages and disadvantages that one should keep in mind, while choosing a benchtop!

Granite Benchtops


  • Durability and Style - Granite is mostly preferred for the durability and long lasting quality. It becomes a stylish and ideal fixture for bathrooms and kitchens, as diamonds are used for granite’s cutting and polishing.
  • Colors and textures – It is available in colors such as, creams, whites and dark dramatic colors. Well-suited for modern-style kitchens and blend in with your décor to make a dramatic statement.
  • Non porous - Granite does not let air or liquid to pass through it, which makes it non porous.
  • Resistant Quality - Made from cooling volcanic magma, granite is highly heat resistant stone. Due to its exposure to high temperatures, it is a suitable benchtop for kitchens. It is also known for its scratch and wear resistant qualities.
  • Maintenance - Due to granite’s non porous and highly resistant qualities, it does not need any high maintenance. It can maintain its luster and stay at its best condition without requiring a regular maintenance. Mainly brought by those who do not have much time to spare for cleaning purposes.
  • Uniformity – Granite does not come in patterns. It has uniformity and this gives it a solid look.
  • Resealing – You can use sealers once in a year to seal its brand new look.
  • Cleaning – Although, it does not require any quality time from your work schedule for its cleansing, but you can use gentle cleaners for cleaning. Try to use mild cleaners to clean the surface and avoid harsh products.

Marble Benchtops


  • Style and Elegance – In order to add a flair of luxury and class in your home décor, you can use marble benchtops. They go great with airy and elegant surroundings.
  • Color availability – You can choose among a wide range of colors, such as, beige, pinks, reds, greens, blues and evergreen whites.
  • Polish and patterns – Unlike granite’s uniformity, marble benchtops come in patterns. Patterned marble bench tops, makes a great idea for a stylish appearance. They are available as polished or the honed finishing.
  • Porous - Marble benchtops are porous in nature. They easily allow liquid to pass through them and so they should be wiped off immediately.
  • Resistant quality – It has a heat resisting quality, but does not have scratch resistance.
  • High maintenance - You cannot leave marble benchtops without regularly maintaining them. This natural stone needs a regular maintenance.
  • Staining and etching – Marble comes with a staining issue. You have to be careful with the spilling off things like coffee, tea and other liquids. The acidic liquids cause the corrosion of the marble surface and result in etching.
  • Yellowing and dulling - The biggest con of marble benchtop is that it gets yellow and becomes dull in look, if it’s not maintained properly.
  • Resealing - To maintain its polishing and fine surface, marble needs a regular sealing.
  • Cleaning - Do not use any strong or acidic cleaners for its cleaning. Rather, use a damp cloth to clean its surface.
Make your place more spacious by installing marble benchtops and you will get something attractive for your home.
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