Dignity to Design a Memorial with Cemetery Monuments

Every journey is tiresome and you who have embarked upon it need to rest periodically in order to resume and continue to travel until you have reached the end of the journey and the final resting point. But life is a journey. You should take a break to relax and rejuvenate yourself every now and then, so that you can continue to the journey of life with zeal in future. When the journey of life ends, you reach your final resting point and place. Death is the final rest of life’s journey and the graveyard the final resting place where the dead continues to rest eternally.

Paying respect to the departed
During the lifetime, humans treat each other with dignity just as they deserve. But once dead, treating with dignity becomes a one-way traffic as only the living can be in a position to treat the dead with dignity. It is generally said that you can judge the level of civilization of a nation with the way in which people treat the dead. Treating the dead with dignity is a part of humanity. Proper respect given to the dead is not just about performing a decent funeral. The place of burial and its embellishment with cemetery monuments are also parts of paying proper respect to the dead and treating the dead with dignity.

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When we are alive, we carry our name on a board outside our residence to indicate our presence and to stay distinguished. While talking about treating the dead with dignity, the same practice is applicable. Placing a monument bearing the name of the dead which helps in identifying who it is could be placed at the dead individual’s eternal resting place as well. Since all the dead rest at the same place reserved only for him or her, they certainly deserve to be distinguished from each other.

Choice of material
The monumental stone with engravings of your loved one would not only serve as a mere monument of remembrance, but can be a way of paying your respect and honor. The options for simple cemetery monuments are wide and available in nominal price range. Earlier, monument stones were originally made out of field stone or wood. However, due to the perishable nature of wood, it is no longer in use. Today, granite is the most widely used material for monumental stones. You may consider the below points before making your choice of material for monument stone between marble and granite.

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● Granite is stronger than marble and it’s highly durable
● Granite gives more choice of colors to choose from
● Engraving techniques allow unlimited design options due to its hardness
● Finishes on granite can vary thus giving you more option for design style

Eternity of the right stone
It is really very hard for a granite cemetery monumental stone to be destroyed or damaged. Granite is impervious to rain, hail, mold and mildew and difficult to crack or break. If you are considering bronze as an option for the cemetery monument stone for your dear departed, you may need to realize that granite is natural rock whereas bronze is a man-made alloy of metals. Moreover, the issue of maintaining the cemetery monuments of your dear one is also an important factor for deciding on the material.

The final epitaph
Once you have decided on the material which by now would be granite, the next step for you would be to approach the monument making company. Usually, they have a catalogue of designs for the monument with the price mentioned against each of the design. A dignified remembrance of the dead would naturally call for a dignified monument placed over the eternal resting place. It is normal that the monument of a person speaks of the nature of the dead person. You could choose a design that would reflect his or her personality with an epithet engraved on it. For more details on Cemetery Monuments, please stay connect with us now!

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