Rollers Shutters – A Safe Usage for Commercial & Industrial Ways

What are roller shutters?
Roller shutters are type of doors or window consisting of horizontal slats hinged together. The door is raised to open it and lowered to close it. They are sturdy and durable. They can be operated manually or motorized.

Uses of roller shutters
Roller shutters are extensively used in both domestic and industrial environments. They are mostly used to add an extra security feature. In fact, in some parts of the world, government subsidizes roller shutters to encourage people to use them on doors and windows, in order to make their neighborhoods more secure.

Why opt for roller shutters

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  1. They act as heat insulators
Foam-filled roller shutters act as effective heat insulators for your home. Well-designed roller shutters regulates the temperature of house in summer and winter months by as much as 70%, thereby helping you save on electricity bills. Window roller shutters are particularly effective for this purpose.
When the sun rays hit the window glass, the glass gets heated. But, don’t worry there is a gap between the roller shutter and the window, which does not allow the heat to get transferred inside. In this way your house does not heat up as much. This doesn’t mean that blinds, or curtains, also does the same. They do reverse by easily absorbing the outside heat.
  1. They offer weather protection
Roller shutters are really sturdy, and are made to withstand wind speeds of upto 100 kmph. Thus, they can be used as an effective shield against bad weather conditions. If roller shutters are installed on windows and doors, then don’t worry about another stormy night, or hail reaching the inside of your home. So, you can say that they make for a good investment in areas that frequently experience harsh weather conditions.
  1. Noise reduction and privacy
Roller shutters offer you a complete privacy, but you have to sacrifice the fresh air from outside to rush in. It is not so in case of blinds or curtains, which often have open spaces between them. If you completely close your roller shutters, it will ensure pitch black darkness in your room, ensuring a very sound sleep.
They also act as noise insulators. So, if you live nearby the airport, or a noisy neighborhood, you can add shutters to your windows and doors.

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Types of roller shutters
There are several kinds of roller shutters available in the market. However, broadly speaking, they are categorized into the following types:
  • Fire rated roller shutters
As the name suggests, these shutters are flame and fire resistant. These are meant to protect the inside and outside of a structure from combustible substances. They are widely used in industrial settings, as well as retail spaces.
  • Commercial roller shutters
Commercial shutters are often best suited to warehouses, or the front of shops. They are made from galvanized steel which makes them rust resistant and weather proof.
  • Industrial roller shutters
As it is evident from the name, these shutters are most used in big malls and industrial complexes. Because of their glossy finish, they exude a professional image. These shutters come equipped with additional security features also such as locking bolts.

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  • Security roller shutters
Theses shutters offer wall to wall protection, and therefore suitable for commercial and residential purposes. They are easily available in steel and aluminum and can be motorized to allow easy opening and closing. Security shutters increase the time for a criminal to gain access to the inside of a house, thus deterring burglaries and other crimes.
  • Insulated roller shutters
If energy conservation is your primary motive for installing door or window roller shutters, go for the insulated one. These help to regulate the temperature of a building by keeping the heat in or out, depending on whether it is summer or winter.

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