Tips To Buy The Best Wheelchair Seat Cushion

A person sitting in a wheelchair needs ultimate comfort for which the use of cushions is important. Wheelchair cushions can provide a high-level of comfort by preventing sores and maintaining proper blood circulation as well as allowing the right position for the bones and muscles in the body. Wondering about the type of wheelchair cushion you should choose? How much will these cost? Or whether the cushions you are purchasing are perfect for the type of wheelchair your loved one is using? Read on to know more about purchasing wheelchair cushions.

wheelchair gel seat cushion

What should you buy?
If you are looking for the ultimate comfort, you must buy a wheelchair gel seat cushion. These cushions are manufactured keeping in mind the ultimate comfort and the pressure relief options.  The cushions are manufactured using gel bladders that are surrounded by high density foam. This makes it extremely comfortable for the patient to sit or recline on these cushions. Unlike other types of cushions, a wheelchair gel seat cushion cover can be removed and washed. The covers are breathable, therefore,these do not prevent blood circulation and they also make it easier for the patient to sit on the chairfor long hours.

Features of gel seat cushions

equagel medical pressure cushion
  • Buying a good kind of gel seat cushion is recommended. In such a cushion you can remove the cover top.
  • The top cover is water-resistant and vapor-permeable. However, before buying you must consider whether the patient is vulnerable to skin breakdown and ulcers.
  • You must buy cushions that should provide the ultimate comfort to the person. You must remember that these pressure reduction cushions are designed to assist and help in the reduction, prevention, and treatment of pressure ulcers.
  • Before purchasing, you must consult the doctor and find out whether the cushion you are choosing is suitable for providing the ultimate support.
  • Gel based cushions are also typically heavier than the other forms of cushions available. If you do not purchase a good brand of gel cushion, then the gel in the cushion may leak.
  • Moreover, if too much of shock needs to be absorbed, then gel cushions are not the best choice. A wheelchair gel seat cushion is comfortable, but it is not as good in providing shock absorption as other cushions. You must consider the extent of comfort the person needs and the type of support that you need to provide. Accordingly, you must buy a wheelchair cushion.
Buying wheelchair gel seat cushion online

gel seat cushions for wheelchairs

These days you can buy wheelchair cushions online. There are quite a few good online stores where you can find the gel seat cushions. However, you must compare the rates of similar types of cushions at two or more stores. In addition to that choosing the right online store is also important. Given below are a few important things that you need to consider while choosing a wheelchair seat cushion from an online store:
  • The first and most important thing to consider while buying cushions is whether you are buying the right type you require. You must consult with the doctor and find out whether you need to buy the gel-filled or the air-filled cushions. Different types of cushions have different features. You should buy according to the particular requirement of the patient.
  • You must compare the cost of the cushions at different online stores. It is advised that you buy such cushions only from a registered store. However, you need to compare the cost of similar types of cushions. You must buy the seats at reasonable rates.
Follow the guidelines mentioned to be able to buy the right wheelchair gel seat cushion. Do not forget to consider the size, shape, and color of the seat you choose. It matters!
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