Flexible Rising Main - Top Solution For Supplying Water

Water is crucial for life. Right from plants to animals, everyone needs water to survive. We humans use water for almost every reason from washing clothes to cooking food, and to quench our thirst. Like us, plants too need water for their growth. Let’s talk about the countries that are agricultural based; water is much needed for them. But, transporting water had been a major problem earlier. Thanks to advanced science and technology that the problem of transporting water is solved.

The water used for agriculture and the water given in every house are extracted from the water table that is beneath the surface. Thus, with the assistance of advanced technology, extracting water from beneath the earth’s surface has become simple and convenient with the help of flexible rising main.  

Flexible rising main is basically a long pipeline, which is also known as ‘steel on a reel’. This is used for pumping out water, from the water table. In few sentences, it is a flexible and light weighted hose. It is made up of polyurethane. It gives the facility to drink water; it is an advanced technology to traditional water wells. Basically, it is an electrically operated submersible pump. 

flexible bore pipe

Earlier, water wells were dug deep inside the earth’s surface in order to extract water. But, it was less productive when compared with time, and also more energy consuming. Thus, rising main is a more efficient and productive technological tools that are used these days to draw out water.
The reason for it to be so popular in today’s world is because, of a number of advantages. Few of them are -
  • Easy and quick installation
Man has made machines for them to work conveniently. And, surely flexible rising main fulfills this purpose. The installation process is less time consuming. Above all it is comparatively easier to install than most of the machineries.
  • Quick renewal
For better maintenance renewal process is important. Thus, flexible rising main is comparatively easy to renew. As there is less hassle, it is also less time consuming and also less time taking.
  • Non-corrosive / corrosion resistant :
Most of the times, it happens due to exposure to water, the flexible rising main gets corroded. Basically, this happens when the manufacturing of the product is not of good quality. Thus, this can also make the water poisonous. Thus, in order to avoid this, rising main is made up of mostly non-corrosive material.

flexible rising main
  •  Less labors required
One good thing about rising main is that, it is comparatively easy to install. Thus, it does not require much of labor. This also reduces the cost of installation. Thus, installing is not only easy but also cost effective. This also helps in saving time.
  • Less on transport cost
Rising main is light in weight. And, can be easily carried when there is not much of transport cost needed. Thus, it is more portable in nature. As this this comparatively less in weight, it does not charge much cost. Thus, it is very much pocket-friendly.
  • Order desired lengths
You can actually order a desired length of a rising main. Not everyone will be looking for the same length. Thus, the length of the pipe can be cut according to the required size.
  • Hydrostatically tested
Fluid pressure is something that is a concern when machines related to fluid are concerned. Thus, before it is distributed in the market, it is thoroughly tested. This is done in order to maintain the quality of the material.  For more information about flexible rising main, you just need to join us today and get the best durable, reliable hose products for your pumping solutions.
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