12 Things You Should Know About Your Perfect Picture Framing

Picture frames have always been an intrinsic part of many homes. Especially, the homes that are tastefully decorated feature a couple or more picture frames that lend a cozy, comfortable look. Picture framing is an art that has been sustained from many decades.
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People with a lot of enthusiasm frame their family photographs, photos with friends, photographs of their children and pictures from important events. Some people also frame exquisite artworks and paintings that they are fascinated with. There are many picture framing hobbyists who bring this art to many homes to help people display their art pieces in a unique way.

Here are 12 things about picture framing you must know.

 picture framing melbourne
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  1. The very first picture framing was done on wall paintings or around ancient frescoes as decorative borders. The very reason why framing is done is to enhance focus on a particular image.
  2. Traditionally photo frames were made of paper, canvas and wood using special materials and tools predominantly to enhance artworks.
  3. Artworks framed by skilled specialists add to the interior décor and make your space look sophisticated and elegant. These pieces can be hung in strategic places such as hallways and doorways. 
  4. When it comes to home decorating, there are many different types & styles of picture framing to choose from. Depending on your décor and preference, you can go for the whimsical, casual, formal or traditional frames.
  5. The outside border that encompasses a photograph, artwork or painting is called frame. A variety of different materials are used for picture framing such as metal or wood. Frames could add to the decorative element in your home and are made in different width and styles such as ornate, thin, wide or unadorned.
  6. The functional part of picture framing is that frames securely hold the artwork and protect them from being damaged.
  7. Photograph or artwork is protected with the help of an acrylic or glass glazing placed carefully over them before they are framed.
  8. Most frames made of fabric or any other soft materials are matted. This is because, apart from adding a decorative touch, matting supports the art and keeps it secure. Today, skilled and creative picture framing artists make matted frames in various shapes such as square, oval, circle or rectangular.
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  9. Creativity in photo framing is showcased through double matting where decorative designs are cut into the top mat in contrasting colors that highlight the designs through the base mat. A major role played by the mat is to ensure that the artwork does not get damaged by coming into contact with the glass.
  10. Frames are further supported with the help of a board at the back. Apart from offering support for the mat, boards also keep the art piece stable.
  11. Another important aspect of picture framing is the bumper pads and hanging hardware. At the back of the frame, hanging hardware is installed to enable you to hang the framed picture on the desired wall. To keep the frame firmly in place and to ensure that your wall is not damaged due to contact with the frame, bumper pads are added at the back.
  12. The reasons for framing pictures remain the same irrespective of whether you wish to display the pictures or artworks in your home or you are planning to gift them to someone you care for. The ultimate aim of picture framing is to offer enhanced protection for your photographs, paintings and artworks.
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These are a few important aspects that you need to keep in mind as you choose the right picture framing artist and the right material for the frame. These aspects will definitely vary with what you are planning to get the perfect frame.

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