Lay Flat Hose – Solve Your Water Bore Pumping With Quality Hoses

Sometimes, irrigation requires transporting water over a long distance. Cement or clay canals are relatively costly, cannot elevate water and inflexible. Water wastage is increased and it is not effective. PVC tubing or polypropylene (PP) hose is relatively expensive. In India, the farmers made plastic hoses in order to solve this problem and called it layflat hoses because these fall flat once the water is released from inside and thus it can be rolled in a coil shape. This hose is so low-priced that even very low-income farmers could purchase it and irrigate their crops. An added advantage of lay-flat hose is that they are simple to move and usually do not occupy much space like the field channels.

layflat hose

Layflat hose is made of supple PVC unbreakable with interwoven polyester yarn. These are lightweight, flexible, and available in a wide range of sizes (inches or millimeters) from one to six inches and for working pressures bars between in 4.0 and 5.5. These are usually made with simple ends and given to the customer in rolled coils in average lengths of 100m, 50 m and 25m. It has use in agricultural fields, mining, quarry, industrial use and even for firefighting. A layflat hose could be rolled down to a compact state once is the work is done. It reduces space consumption and makes it a useful tool.

layflat bore hose
  • This hose is used for sub mains and water transfer. It can carry huge water load and so used for de-watering purposes as well. It provides good functioning as it is made up of good quality PVC tube and cover, and is reinforced with 2 spiral piles and longitudinal synthetic cord.
  • The best part is that it can be rolled up and reused according to various purposes. If you need to dewater an agricultural field, layflat hose is connected and then it is used as per the requirement. After this, the rubber material of the pipe does not soak any water and comes to its original flat shape once the water is out. It is reusable as per requirements, with minimum storage space requirement. Hoses coil flat for easy storage.
lay flat bore hose
  • The quality of the pipe is durable, capable of carrying huge load at a time. It keeps your system leakage free and thus helps to complete the proper functioning. No water is lost in between, the pipe is designed in a manner to transfer the whole input out. The hose lies straight with minimum elongation even under pressure.
  • Some of the layflat hoses have ultraviolet inhibitors that reduced aging and also checks against adverse weather conditions. The hose is smooth and provides low friction loss.
  • The design is unique and woven so it resists kinking, stretching and twisting. Thus, water flow is not obstructed. It has ribbed cover providing high resistance to oil, weathering and abrasion.
  • The unique feature of the hose design minimizes elongation and snaking.
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The need and application of layflat hoses are widespread. Just as important the water is, its dislocation to the desired area is also important and the hoses are doing that work flawlessly and efficiently. Hoses are generally long and can stretch over a long area. Be it the drinking water truck or the fire protection truck, these are of great use. In agricultural fields, industrial field were gallons and gallons of water is needed to be transferred with minimum wastage. Though there are varieties of layflat hoses designed for specific purposes be it for irrigation or sewage dewatering or drinking water or for fuels and flammable polar liquids, the pipe is strong and durable to hold each of these. 

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