Homemade Fresh Pasta - Bring an Italian Variety in Your Cuisine

There are many different kinds of pasta available in the market today. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to taste and their methods of cooking. Some kinds of pasta are healthier than others and this makes purchasing pasta a rather difficult task. Additionally, apart from homemade fresh pasta sellers, there are other sellers that offer commercially made pasta. It is therefore important to know all facts when trying to get the correct kind of pasta.

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Fresh or Dried Pasta
The freshness of the pasta will determine the cooking procedures to be used and storage options as well. Fresh pasta should only be bought only from homemade fresh pasta specialist sellers. These sellers can provide homemade pasta which has a better taste and texture than the commercially available varieties. The latter varieties rarely retain their shape after cooking.
Dried pasta, on the other hand, has a stronger texture than fresh pasta which makes it taste great when cooked with the correct sauces. At the same time, dried pasta can be stored for a longer period of time. Sellers usually offer a variety of dried pasta due to their longer shelf life. It is difficult to get the same range for fresh homemade pasta.

Egg Pasta

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In most cases, the pasta dough does not contain any eggs. However, homemade fresh pasta selling agencies do offer certain types of egg pasta. In these types of pasta, the pasta dough is enriched by the addition of egg yolks. Egg pasta has a richer flavor than the other kinds of pasta and even the color is stronger. Egg pasta is always available fresh. Dried pasta rarely contains any egg yolk.

Bronze Die Cut

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Bronze die cut refers to the process used for cutting the pasta into quirky shapes. These days, pasta is created with the help of pasta makers with inbuilt cutters. The dough of the pasta is pushed through these cutters to get it into the right shape. These cutters are also known as dies and are generally made of Teflon. However, bronze dies help in creating a more porous and rougher surface on the pasta. This, in turn, allows the sauce to cling better to the surface of the finished product.

Durum Wheat Flour Pasta

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This is a special ingredient that is produced in Italy. In fact, the majority of pastas made in Italy, use durum wheat as their base ingredient. The grains of Durum wheat are tougher. It allows the pasta made from it to have a distinctive bite. Since the grains have a golden hue, the pasta made from Durum wheat tends to have a nice yellow color. Being a special ingredient, selected Italian homemade fresh pasta agencies tend to stock such pasta.

Difference between ‘Oni’ And ‘Ini’ Spaghetti
These are suffixes used in Italian to denote the size of the pasta. If the name of the pasta ends in ‘oni’, then it is a larger-sized version of the regular pasta. On the other hand, names that end in ‘ini’ are the smaller version of the pasta.

The Sauce

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When cooking pasta, it is important to take note of the sauce being used. Each type of pasta will taste good when paired with the sauce meant for it. If used with the wrong sauces, the taste and texture of the pasta will be completely ruined. Therefore, when purchasing pasta, it is important to select the type based on the sauce that will be used for cooking. The homemade fresh pasta sellers can provide you with information about the best pairings for pasta and sauces. It is preferable to purchase pasta made from whole grains. This type of pasta will have ample fiber, which makes it a healthier choice. You can make your home an Italian feel with Homemade Fresh Pasta Melbourne. So cook fresh pasta for your family supper and enjoy homemade fresh pasta with friends in Melbourne.
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