Fulfill All Your Safety & Storage Needs With UTE Boxes

ute tool box

It is known that a UTE vehicle is used to carry heavy loads or equipment from one place to another. A UTE box makes it convenient for you to organize and transport your things as and when you need them. These can be easily mounted under your carriage or inside your tray. Getting a suitable tool box for your UTE will make more places for storage besides being useful. You can place this in accordance with your preferences and uses. You will find that these UTE boxes made of aluminum or steel so that it can withstand the heavy usage and is long lasting. UTE boxes can provide storage space for your tools in a secure manner, so this works out better rather than having your tools scattered around and when needed you need to hunt for them. There are various types of UTE boxes, so all you need to do is find the right one according to your need.

ute boxes

Make sure of the size

You need to make sure that you opt for the right size so that it can accommodate all your tools in an organized manner, for which you need to list all the tools you own and also find out about how much approximate space will be required. You also need to make sure about the space available in your UTE because it is disappointing to buy one and realize that it does not fit into your UTE. On the internet you will find most of these UTE boxes are listed with their dimensions so that makes it easy for you. Make sure you have the right measurements and opt for the right UTE box.

Take the weight into consideration

aluminium box

You need to consider the weight of the tool kit as this will make a lot of difference. You can get a UTE box which can weight 15kg, while the one with a full steel door can weigh to about 50kgs. You need to know the UTE box you choose can impact the fuel economy as a heavier one will definitely use more fuel, so keeping this factor in mind you should be able to make your choice. As we all know steel is the ultimate when we speak about security but works out to be the heaviest option, while aluminum tends to be the lighter option but is not as secure as the steel one as this can easily be cut.

Not overlooking the Internal Space

There are a number of industries which require tools of different sizes for certain jobs. You need to know that certain tools require certain allocation of the space provided, and here is where the internal space plays its role.  You can organize your tools and retrieve them when required conveniently. This is saving on time.

Rust factor to be looked into

Steel boxes are definitely heavier as compared to the aluminum UTE boxes but you are assured you are not going to be hassled with this getting rusted, and the same thing goes true with the aluminum. Even if you opt for the steel one make sure of the powder-coat to ensure this is rust resistant. You also need to check that the locks are made of stainless steel so that you do not face any problem unlocking it.

Locks, Seals and Lifting Points

You need to check if the seals are properly closed. You find that a good toolkit will always be welded for water resistance, which is essential in the monsoons. Make sure you have strong lifting points, as it is easier carrying an empty UTE box, but once it contains your tools you might find it difficult without the appropriate lifting points. Choose the best Ute Boxes as per your need which include lightweight, durable, and cost effective storage boxes.
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