EquaGel Medical Pressure Cushion – Most Preferable For Spinal Problems

equagel medical pressure cushion

Gel for cushions is available in various varieties and is manufactured by different companies. Of these, EquaGel is the preferred one. It is a rubbery, dry-polymer gel and comes with absolutely awesome compression and tensile properties, not to mention the long durability. The double layered EquaGel medial pressure cushion is one of the most sought-after care accessories today. These cushions are widely used across hospitals and care centers across the world owing to their superior quality and manufacturing technology.

Get to know the stunning technology which locks the gel
EquaGel medial pressure cushion works on the column-buckling technology. To simplify, EquaGel’s behavior under weight is path-breaking. In fact, each wall of gel in the cushion is capable of supporting only a small load. Once it is overloaded, this wall of gel exerts pressure on the hollow areas and thus on the surrounding walls. This ensures that the pressure exerted by the weight is transferred equally across the complete cushion, thereby preventing any spinal dislocation and reducing alignment problems to the core. Buckling gel is the pioneer in pressure minimization technique and it is the leader in this technology. In this article, let us look at the advantages of using EquaGel medical pressure cushions.

pressure relief wheelchair cushions
  • Skin protection: It is seen that patients’ skin can get affected with rashes and sores due to inhibition of blood flow at pressure points. These sores can be quite difficult to handle in the long run. EquaGel cushions are capable of air flow into the micro spaces, however they are water proof. This quality ensures that the pressure distribution is even and it does not cause pressure points to develop. Without pressure points, there is no inhibition of blood flow and hence no reason for sores to develop. Skin care or skin protection is thus technically inbuilt into these cushions.
  • Multiple uses: EquaGel medical pressure cushion can be used for wheelchairs, beds, or even normal chairs. These cushions ensure maximum comfort and relaxation especially when used for prolonged periods, as they are available with vapor-permeable covering systems.
  • Column buckling: EquaGel’s column buckling gel technology is unrivalled and it has been tested to be the best available in the world. Since the columns of gel buckle to exert pressure on the surroundings, the comfort level is much higher. Buckling in this kind of gel propagates across the length and width of the cushion making it the best distributed pressure condition of sitting or sleeping purposes.
equagel medical pressure cushion
  • Separate contour areas for pelvic regions: There is separate contouring to provide an extra protection to the pelvic layers.
  • Customized: EquaGel medical pressure cushion comes in various standard sizes, however, for special needs, one can also order custom sizes. The prices and delivery duration may however be different in such a scenario.
  • Longevity: These cushions come with long life. They can be used even after the care center treatment or hospitalization is over. They can be used in normal chairs, office chairs, driving seats or beds to enhance comfort and lumbar health.
  • Usage: These cushions can be used to sit on or as back support in chairs to avoid back pain, numbness in legs or arthritis that can be caused by longer periods of sitting at office or at home. Using this cushion regularly can give a lot of comfort and avoid unwanted discomfort and long-term orthopedic disorders.
gel seat cushions for wheelchairs

In addition to providing comfort and relief from various orthopedic conditions, EquaGel medical pressure cushions can also be used for driving, especially if one is used to taking long drives. While there are numerous manufacturers and dealers for many brands of medical pressure cushions, the EquaGel medical pressure cushion is the market leader and is the most preferred care accessory across the globe. If you want more details about Equagel Medical Pressure Cushion, then please stay connected with us today!
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