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A hose is a hollow tube that is flexible and can carry fluids from one location to another. These hoses can also be called pipes, but these are a rigid tube, while a hose is of flexible type. The design of a hose is based on a combination of performance and application, the most common factors being pressure rate, sizing, weight, straight hose or coil hose, length and the chemical compatibility. These can be made of a single material or a combination of several different materials.  Generally the material  used are  polyurethane, nylon, PVC, polyethylene or natural and synthetic rubbers based on pressure rating needed and environment. Hoses can be reinforced with steel cord or fibers for better resistance to pressure. The commonly used reinforcement methods are spiraling, braiding, wrapping and knitting of fabric plies. This reinforcement not only increases the pressure resistance but also the stiffness. Bellows or corrugations are used to increase flexibility.

Application of hoses

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Usually, the hoses are used in liquid environments besides water, and also to convey air or gases. These are typically used with spigots, flanges, clamps and nozzles; these are used to carry fluids through fluid or air environments. Hoses have number of uses and some of them include:

1. Watering plants or the lawn with a garden hose.
2. Conveying water to site which is on fire with the fire hose that is specially used by the fire fighters.
3. You have the air hoses that are used in diving underwater carrying air from an air tank or surface compressor.
4. You can include the railway air brake hoses that are used in between rail road cars and locomotives and the truck air brake hoses that are used between semi trailers and tractors.
5. Hoses are also used in vacuum brake systems.
6. Hoses are also used in building services where plastic or metal hoses are used to move water around the building, and can be used for taking out the thermal or settlement movement and vibration.
7. Automotive hoses used in automobiles, can move fluids around for use in lubrication, hydraulics and cooling. These are used to convey vacuum or pressure signals to control gauges, circuits besides conveying vacuum to cooling, heating, locking systems and/or brakes.
8. Finally, a fuel hose is the one that carries fuel.  

Choosing a hose with your requirement in effort

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Since there are multiple types of hoses, it is important to know your requirement. There is no way you can look out for hoses in general. For example, the garden hoses are generally made up of polyurethane, Vinyl or rubber.  If you intend shopping for a light one, you can opt for the vinyl one. This is not very expensive but it has a short lifespan. A little more expensive as compared to the others, the rubber hoses are less susceptible to abrasions and cuts and are more flexible. A hose of a higher quality has a layer of reinforcement due to which it boasts of a greater longevity.
If you require an industrial hose, you need to look for some factors as mentioned below:

1. Size of the hose
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You need to make sure that the industrial hose has a right diameter which is apt for transporting the volume of liquid that your machinery needs for operation. If you choose a smaller hose, the machinery does not get enough lubrication required and the parts start wearing out.
2. Range of Temperature
As industrial hoses are designed keeping specific temperature range in focus, you need to consider the external temperatures of parts that are close to the hose and also the temperature of the liquid that the hose will be carrying. A hose which can withstand the internal temperatures of the liquid it is carrying besides the external temperatures is the one recommended.
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