Add Luxury & Value to Your Home with Kitchen Renovation Toorak

Renovating your kitchen, in itself, is a tedious task. Whether it is hiring table tops, or washing the grease-stained walls or installing modern chimneys and arranging appliances, you require professional kitchen renovation experts. While renovating a kitchen, a solid plan on paper is essential since kitchen is the most trodden place at home. With kitchen renovation toorak, you will be adding a major value to home and also ease your lifestyle with efficiency. A modular kitchen and well-defined lighting system inside it ensures that your kitchen remains safe and it also adds an aesthetic appeal to your overall home decor.

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kitchen renovation toorak
  • Materials: Always use top quality materials while renovating your kitchen since they undergo the maximum wear and tear at home compared to other areas. Focus on top quality hinges and slides for the drawers and ensure that you have wood veneer in the cabinet interiors instead of MDF, particleboard, laminate or melamine.
  • Height of cabinets: Always have cabinets that go up to the ceiling, and those which freeze at 8 feet. You will have the advantage of more storage and extra shelves that will be useful. If your ceiling is higher, leave the space open.
  • Look: Always prefer to use brush-painted cabinets. Avoid stained wood since they date away quite quickly.
kitchen renovation
  • Counter top: Don’t use counter top that is quite unattractive in its appearance. Proper use of tiles and stones along with mixed varieties of marble can work wonders for the counter tops. There are plastic laminate varieties also available in the online markets. Opt for the sophisticated look instead of designer ones.
  • Island: Make sure that you install an airy and light island instead of a stone cube. Always ensure that it is not cluttered with appliances. If you need to combine with the steel or ceramic sink, ensure that the finish and elegance matches perfectly.
  • Design: Do not try and overdo the design while renovating your kitchen. You can choose either a contemporary or a traditional or a mixed design with a modernized look.
  • Maintenance free: Try and use as many maintenance-free parts and equipment as possible. Keep in mind the counter top materials and the cabinet materials that can be leaned but keep gathering layers of dust and smudge. Try and get as many maintenance-free parts into your kitchen without worrying about cost.
kitchen renovation toorak
  • Appliances: As far as appliances go, do not go by the modernity or the plethora of features advertised, stick to the basic appliances and equipment because they are easy to maintain and they cost much less. Most new features in modern gadgets are useless in the sense that they will be seldom used. So, you may as well weed those out and keep the basics that actually help improve efficiency.
  • Dining room: Ensure that the dining room is a part of the kitchen itself or keep it adjacent to effectively use lesser energy and space. Binding the kitchen and dining space together can be a great idea to use space efficiently and get the feeling of having more space.
  • Interest: Add some interest while getting your kitchen renovation toorak done. An element of interest should reflect your taste and come out as uniqueness in design. A kitchen that has floor to ceiling cabinets or drab flooring looks uninteresting.
All in all, if you keep the above pointers in mind while getting your kitchen renovation toorak done, you will be surprised with the results. An elegant and simple yet functional kitchen is what you need and not an appliance showroom that looks quite tasteless. So get kitchen renovation toorak going with your renovation and pay attention to details here.
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