Important things that you should know about Galley Kitchens

Galley kitchen is also known as the corridor kitchen. It is one of the standard kitchen layouts developed as a result of years of ergonomic research. In fact, the layout of a galley kitchen is very efficient for kitchen having small space. In galley kitchens, workspace can be found in the tow opposite walls. Between these two walls, you would find a single traffic lane. One more interesting thing about galley kitchens is that in such a kitchen, you could have one or two openings in either or both the ends. You can have your galley kitchen as long as you want. All that you need to do is divide your kitchen into two separate workspaces. The optimum width for galley kitchens is 7 to 12 feet.

If you want to have a galley kitchen for your home, you should have good information about certain things before you get the kitchen ready.

There are some definite gains with galley kitchens:
  • A galley kitchen is very compact where you can have the opposite walls for storage purpose and give a very well organized and a well equipped look to your kitchen. 
  • The areas meant for cooking food, storing food and also preparing food will be very near and so you will find it very easy to work where you have everything in immediate vicinity. 
  • Since galley kitchens allow perfect utilization of walls for storage, you can make attractive cabinets and keep everything within them so that your kitchen looks clutter free. Your cabinets from floor to the ceiling can have every essential item inside it making your kitchen looking new and unused every time you look at it! 
  • If you have a small family, then galley kitchen would work out as a great option for you. You could not ask for any better utilization of space. 
  • For your own convenience, you could divide your galley kitchen into a number of work areas. 
  • No matter what is the length of your kitchen, galley kitchens fit into any length. 
  • Galley kitchens also act as potential corridors. Hence, these kitchens are also called corridor or parallel kitchens.
However galley kitchens have their share of detriments as mentioned below:
  • These are not suitable for big families. 
  • Galley kitchens could prove to be a bad idea if there are multiple cooks using the kitchen at the same time. 
  • A galley kitchen does not at all go well with open floor plans.
After carefully considering the practicality and also some minuses of having galley kitchen, if you wish to install it in your kitchen, then the following tips would guide you on making your galley kitchen user-friendly.
  1. A galley kitchen that has a nice symmetry between its cabinets and fittings would not only look good but also prove to be user-friendly. An example is making oak cabinets ranging from the floor to the ceiling. Oak has the property of making your kitchen look warm. Such cabinets facilitate storage to a great extent. 
  2. In order to maximize the ingress of natural lights, you must see to it that your galley kitchen has large windows that open wide. 
  3. For making an effective work triangle meant for food storing, food preparing and cooking, you could place the sink just opposite to the hob and areas for preparation on each side. 
  4. Make your kitchen more color coordinated so that it looks bright and vibrant. 
  5. Since galley kitchens provide you with ample scope for storage, you must install ample task lights so that the worktops are illuminated enough.
Hope you get all required info on the manner for your Gallery kitchen. Be in contact to get extra awareness for Kitchen Galleries.
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