Facts about Bore Pumps You Must Know

Bore pumps are commonly used to transfer water from a tank to another tank located at a higher altitude. These pumps are used in residences and also in commercial establishments. Here are a few facts about bore pumps that you must be aware.

  • Some of the common uses of quality bore pumps include pumping water to an outlet from a source and heating a home. Bore pumps used for heating purpose transfer heat along with the water. Commonly known as ground source heat pumps, these pumps are predominantly used for heating homes with floor heating.
  • The principle on which bore pumps work for heating homes is that the heat absorbed from the solar energy by the floor remains constant at certain depths. At this depth, it is possible to lay pipes filled with fluid or refrigerant. Heat is transferred to the floor of the home by the pump. The operation is similar to the reverse cycle air conditioner.Not all pipes on the ground are laid in the same way. For example, if the floor space is large, then the pipes may be laid horizontally. On the other hand if the floor space is small, then the pipes are placed vertically by digging or boring a hole. A compressor is used to transfer the ground heat absorbed by the fluid in the pipes after which it is further heated.
  • The building has a network of pipes through which the heat is pumped. In residential buildings, the entire network of pipes is laid out on the floor. In larger commercial buildings, the pipes can be laid out in other areas.
  • The pumps have few moving parts and are quite simple, but they must be placed outside the building where there is plenty of air.
So what exactly are the benefits of such a heating device? There are several important benefits that should make people consider them seriously
  • Bore pumps are extremely useful when it comes to heating because it offers a lot of advantages. They are budget friendly and can be installed with great ease. Bore pumps are environment friendly and consume very low electricity.
  • As compared to other types of heating, bore pumps ensure minimal carbon emissions. Home owners can save a lot of money by installing bore pumps for heating because these are also low in maintenance.
  • Bore pumps are extremely reliable since they are not prone to frequent breakdowns. This is because; these pumps come with very limited moving parts. Bore pumps are long lasting, some even last for up to 25 years. Normally these pumps outlast the ground coil.
  • Reliable bore pumps are perfect for the environment conscious people because it is an ideal source of energy. These pumps utilize one portion of electricity and produce up to 4 units of heat. While in operation, bore pumps do not release any gas or noxious fumes.
  • As compared to other heating systems that work with the help of gas or oil, using bore pumps help to conserve a lot of energy. This system utilizes 75% lesser energy than the rest. Therefore bore pumps help reduce depletion of fossil fuel. 
Bore pumps should be your ideal choice if you are looking for a heating solution for your home. Whether you are installing a new system or looking to replace the older one, choosing bore pumps will offer a lot of advantages. It is imperative to choose a reliable supplier with the necessary license. Installing a good quality bore pump will ensure that you do not worry about your home heating for years to come. For best results, keep your home well insulated.

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