Outstanding Features of Limo Enhancing Your Safety and Security

Getting attracted towards a Limo is surely a very attractive phenomenon. The interesting fact to notice is that the rate of popularity rapidly increasing. A limo is a luxury sedan car built up with high attractive design and functionality. It has a broad lengthened wheelbase and it is generally driven by only a chauffeur. The most unique feature related in this context is that there is a wide partition between the passenger compartment and the driver. Thus, the vehicle is very appealing and attractive from all the angles.


Salient Incredible Features of a Limo
  • Initially the limo was identified as an enclosed automobile having an open driver’s seat.
  • In modern days, it is a liveried saloon car of high facilities.
  • Most expensive form of automobile ground transportation.
  • Culturally associated with power and wealth
  • Hire for special events like weddings, and other ceremonies.
  • Majority of it are owned by the authorities of the Government.
  •  In addition to luxuries, it also enhances the security features through the means of bullet proof glasses.
Different Types of Limo
With the growing population, the demand for limos is also flourishing all over the globe. There is a wide range of varieties of limo with unique style and design in order to give high competition to many popular vehicles.

1.Traditional Version of Limo : The version of limo which has been traditionally used is generally a large car having a long lengthened wheelbase. There is also the presence of two jump seats that are lying in the mounted position. Interestingly these seats can also be folded if they are not in use. It can accommodate nearly 5-6 persons with great ease.

2. Modern Version of Limo : These are stretched versions meant to transport more than 3 persons apart from the driver. The jump seats are almost faced forward. It is meant for private use only and so it contains television, video players, bars, refrigerators etc.

Several Distinctive Features of Limo Projecting Safety
There is a long illustrative history of limo which is best at delivering a safe and secured means of transportation. The most incredible feature of limo is its code of security and communication system that makes it technologically advanced. Well there are some more outstanding features enhancing your protection. 

1) Windows
  • 5-6 inches thick, so that it can protect you against bomb or bullets
  • More space for better quality of outward visibility.
  •  Driver’s open windows become the medium to speak with someone outside the vehicle.
2) Doors
  • Almost 8 inches thick and armor plated
  • Steel overlaps between the seams
  • Helps to resist against armor piercing bullets
3) Passenger Section
  • Generously accommodates four people including a glass partition
  • Panic button for summoning help
  • Wi-Fi Capabilities and satellite phone
4) Interior
  • Completely sealed in order to protect against the chemical attack
  • Lock safety mechanism that is useful in the time of emergency.
5) Body of the Vehicle
  • Composed with a fusion of hard and soft materials in order to fend off anything.
  • Aluminum, titanium, dual-hardness steel and ceramic are some of the typical materials used for manufacturing such car.
6) Tires
  • The tires give you protection against spike strips or bullets
  • Kevlar reinforced and specially designed
  • Puncture resistant tires
  • Alternative mode of a run-flat device and steel rims used instead of tires
  • High speed to escape any danger
7) Defense Equipment
  • Night vision cameras
  • Tear-gas cannons
  • Pump-action short guns
  • An emergency oxygen supply
  • Firefighting equipment
8) Fuel Tank
  • Armor plated for repelling bullets
  • Filled with special foam defending explosion.
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