Have the Best Direction on Kitchen Renovation for Your Own

A kitchen is a room which is used for cooking and to prepare different food items. It mainly comprises a refrigerator, stove, running water, sink etc. Though the chief function of a kitchen is cooking food but it can also be used as a food storage space, dining space etc.
It can be considered as the heart of the house. On holidays we love to come together with our family members in the kitchen or even entertain our guests. So we always try keeping it well decorated, trendy and clean.  Before planning for redecoration or renovation of the kitchen, we should chalk out the kitchen layout in order to create a remarkable and useful space.

Kitchen Renovations Melbourne

Important factors that helps in kitchen renovation
  • We need a lot of things in the kitchen and so we should keep the microwave, fridge and oven in a single bank of cabinet. If the fridge and the pantry are kept near the entrance of the kitchen it becomes easily accessible from the kitchen and also the living room.
  • Flat pack kitchens are the best for people who have low budgets. Because of the bench tops, the cabinets etc. are reasonably priced when compare with the modified kitchen. With the bench tops, splash backs and cabinetry you can save a lot of money during the time of renovation. Further, if you want to lower the budget the vinyl vacuum wrap can be used over a two pack polyurethane finish.
  • As the old kitchen gets ripped out, first you need to paint the kitchen walls then install the new kitchen cabinets and after that the flooring should be done. Bench tops, cabinetry and splash backs are very reasonably priced. A vinyl vacuum wrap can be used over a two pack polyurethane finish to further lower down the cost of renovation.
  • Polymer based splash back can be used instead of glass splash back. Polymer looks similar to glass but costs lesser than glass. They are available in varieties of modified and standard colors. But polymer is not heat resistant and so it is better to use glass behind the cook top.
  • Laminate bench top surface is very eye catchy and it comes in an affordable price. A square front edge can be chosen because it looks attractive and provides a modern stone slab impression.
Chalk out a plan of the kitchen layout before renovation
Before ordering the kitchen appliances and cabinets you need to be aware about what is best suitable for the kitchen. First of all we have to draw an outline of the kitchen floor and mark the position of the doors and windows. Then we need to arrange some cutouts made of cardboard in the form of sink, cabinets etc. Now we can easily place these cutouts in different corner of the kitchen outline that we have made until we get the best feasible layout.
  • Vents, pipes, switches and electricity outlets are very important. You should not forget to place them in the layout.
  • At least 300mm clearance should be allowed on either side of the sink and the cook top.
  • Passageway of at least 1200 to 1800mm should be allowed between bench tops.
  • For the kitchen board standard floor units of 720mm high plus 150mm and 580mm deep is required. The wall units are 350mm deep and 720mm high excluding the handles. The height of the bench tops is 900mm and the depth is 600m.
  • The end panel requires 16mm of thickness and for kitchen bench top 22mm thickness is needed.
  • The food preparation area where the cook top, sink etc. is placed should be closer to each other so that they can form a triangular shape. The closer they are the more well-organized your kitchen will be.
A kitchen is added than just a spectacular backsplash and beautiful cabinets. Just click and get attentive advices for design your kitchen with remodel a space that is useful and calm to work and living in.
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