Toyota Car Parts - Ensure Well Before Use Them

The majority of Toyota parts sellers offer original parts to replace the damaged ones. However, certain unethical businesses exist which sell counterfeit parts. It is important to differentiate between fake and original parts.
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Problems caused by Counterfeit parts

A Toyota parts business selling counterfeit parts will do its best to ensure that the part looks as original as possible. However, these parts never work as perfectly as the originals and could also contribute to a number of problems for the user.
  • The counterfeit parts are not made from the same quality materials as the originals. These parts get damaged or worn out more easily than the original parts and this leads the car owner to reinvest in new parts. 
  • In many cases the fake parts look as good as the original parts. Even a skilled and experienced mechanic might have trouble trying to differentiate between the two parts. This can cause immense problems for those who are looking for original parts. The only way to recognize the part would be to dismantle it which is a time consuming process and can completely damage the part.
  • Some of the parts such as the brake pads are crucial for the safety of the driver and the passengers. If these vital parts are counterfeit then they increase the chances of accidents. The safety of the passengers gets compromised and in certain worst case scenarios it can result in the death of the passengers and the driver.
  • There are certain components in the car which are responsible for other systems in the car. If counterfeit components are used the some other essential systems of the car can also be severely damaged. Sometimes the entire car can stop working. This might lead to the user having to spend considerable amount of money on repairs. The safety issue of the passengers and the driver is also compromised in these cases.
  • The widespread sale of counterfeit items has led to a decrease in the trust placed by the consumers on the manufacturing companies.

Checking the Authenticity of Parts

A Toyota parts business or repair agency will ensure that the parts are original. Be that as it may, it is up to the users to determine and ensure the authenticity of the parts being used in their cars.

The Cost

Original Toyota parts are a bit expensive when compared to the duplicate ones. However, the higher cost is due to the fact that the parts are made of better materials and are sure to work in conjunction with the Toyota cars without causing any problems. A Toyota parts seller will generally sell the counterfeit items at a lower cost. If a part is claimed to be an original and is yet being sold at a reduced price, it is very likely that the part is counterfeit.

The Supplier

It is always important to purchase auto parts from a Toyota parts supplier who is trustworthy and reputable. A reputable parts supplier will have a long history of sales and they are more likely to stock original parts rather than the counterfeit parts.
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The Packaging

Generally, a counterfeit manufacturer pays more attention to the design of the part than to the design of the packaging. Usually, the packaging is constructed from cheap materials and so it looks and feels flimsy. The packaging can also have typing mistakes. The color of the packaging might not be identical to the ones used for the original packages.

The Manufacturer

If doubt still persists about the originality of the part then the manufacturer will be of help. They can determine whether the part is original or counterfeit.

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