Simple Steps to Follow Alternator on Your Vehicle

From 1960, automotive industries use alternators in a vehicle to generate power from batteries and to supply it to engine and to other electronic parts of the vehicle. Earlier, dynamos were used to do that job. Ford model T car was the first one to use this device which at first was introduced in the automotive world by Chrysler Corporation.

It is very difficult to find out the exact condition of it; whether it is working properly or having trouble. In case there is a serious problem, then the driver and passengers have to stand in the middle of the road.

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To prevent such incidents:
  • It is imperative to test alternator now and then and must try to keep it in perfect condition.
  • People who do not follow periodical maintenance of their vehicle must check quite often without failure.
There are two ways to examine it. One method is through Voltmeter or Multi meter and other method is through self-monitoring that part now and then. Let us concentrate on how to check it through Voltmeter.  A cheap device is enough to serve this purpose. It will be available in any auto repair or spare parts store.  Alternatively, a multi meter also can be used for this purpose. The main purpose is to check and measure the voltage.

1. Battery checking: Before checking alternator, it is very important to check the condition of batteries since in case, batteries are in poor condition, testing with voltmeter or multi-meter will be a useless process.  To check battery power
  • Turn off the engine, open the hood and attach battery with a voltmeter. Keep them in such a position that red ends and black ends of voltmeter and batteries must match. Be careful not to touch the battery.
  • When reading in the Voltmeter is above 12.7 volts, then batteries are all right.
2. Start the engine: Now start vehicle and keep the engine in 2000 RPM. This step is necessary to draw power from the battery and keep everything in high gear.

3. Retest battery with Voltmeter: Once again batteries must be connected to voltmeter ends and read the meter while the engine is rev running at 2000 RPM. The reading must go higher than an earlier reading of 12.7 volts. It must show between 13.8 and 14.5 volts. This indicates the best condition of the alternator. In case, reading decreases or shows the same as earlier without any increase, then there is trouble with that power generator.

4. Check the amperage: In case a multi meter is being used, checking amperage of alternator can also be done. Keep engine idle at 1200 RPM and turn on all electrical and electronic parts of that vehicle such as lighting, wipers, stereo and so on. If amperage of that power generator shows the maximum output as mentioned in the vehicles manual, then everything is all right. It is time to purchase a new alternator if the reading of the amperage is below the number mentioned in the manual of that particular vehicle.  

By doing this simple test, people can easily avoid unexpected events and waiting. It is better to have whole vehicle checked periodically to maintain it in a running position. Come here for specifications on Alternator Box Hill.

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