10 Tips to Purchase Used Shipping Containers For Sale

Used shipping containers are very useful for people who buy them and convert them according to their needs. They can be used for storing resolves. In addition, people have started using them for living purposes.

Used Shipping Containers For Sale

10 Things to consider before buying used shipping container:

  1. Length of Period: Before purchasing, it is important to decide on the purpose for which the used container is needed for. Whether it is needed for temporary requirement for some storage purpose or for a longer period to use it for bunk houses. In case it is temporary need, you can opt for renting instead of buying.
  2. Decide on the length: Again, you have to know how much length will be required, whether 20 feet container or 40 feet one. Usually the size depends on the space it is being kept. Common sizes are 8 or 9 feet 6 inches in height and 8 feet in width. However, large shipping containers are available which will be ideal for building purposes.
  3. Decide on the location: The space where this is going to be placed must be level. In addition, it needs double the space of the container length plus 10 feet extra. Hence, space and permissions from the right authorities must be obtained beforehand.
  4. Search online: Search in e-bay and other auction sites. ‘As is’ products will be available at the cost of $1500 and ‘new or like-new’ ones start from $5000.
  5. Call Local company: In case you want to avoid shipping charges, then purchase from local companies.
  6. Find container sales sites: Do an online search and gather details of standard container sites.
  7. Compare and prepare excel:Prepare an excel sheet and enter details gathered from all companies and after this compare them.
  8. Hire an Inspector: In case you are going to purchase a good one for long term use, then it is very much necessary to check it before making the actual purchase. So, find out an Inspector.
  9. Inspect and Purchase: Get the container checked thoroughly with an Inspector and then purchase it. Things to be noted are that the container must be without any odor, dents and the doors close neatly without any gap.
  10. Various Options: While buying these, you have to be familiar with the terms and their meanings so that you can decide which one will be suitable for your purpose.One-trip – made for sales after one trip for cargo shipping and treated as new.
    • Corten-steel – to be used near the ocean or incremental weather; it will not rust
    • Factory paint label – can be repainted freshly.
    • No shipping label – there will be no company logo; will be painted in single color
    • Cargo-worthy – it is being checked by a surveyor and is worthy of cargo transport in the ocean.
    • As-is – most commonly available retired by shipping companies; will be worn out and will be numerous in number
    • Wind-water-tight – not checked by surveyor but is a well sealed one
    • Modified – these can be purchased at various prices since they may have lots of modifications done such as roll up doors, security bars, skylight, heat units, air condition units and many more.
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